My dad is who?!?

I woke up one day not knowing where I was. I looked outside and saw my twin Rebekah standing on the grass. I walked out and had a chat with her and found out I was at some place called Camp Half-Blood but I haven't been claimed yet. At the camp fire a trident appears over mine and Rebekah's head and a boy who looks just like Rebekah walks up to us and says, "Hi. I'm Percy Jackson, your brother."


1. What....

Marie's POV

I woke up in a room I've never seen before and start freaking out so I walk outside to calm myself down. When I get outside I see my sister Rebekah sitting in the grass. "Rebekah, Where are we?" "You don't remember?" "No..." "We're at Camp Half-Blood. Last night we were sent here by mom." "Oh.... But what cabin are we in?" "For now.... Hermes since we haven't been claimed. We should go get ready. This girl from the Athena cabin brought us both clothes and said she would tour us around camp. She's really nice." "Ok... I'll come too." We walked back into the cabin and got dressed. I was lacing up my shoes as a girl with blonde hair and gray eyes walked in. "Hi. I'm Annabeth Chase. You must be Marie. Your sister Rebekah told me about you." She said. I smiled. She led me and Rebekah around camp and showed us the stables, mess hall, climbing wall, and everything else and finally it was time for breakfast. I filled myself up to be ready for the day but everyone kept staring at me like I was some monster. I excused myself when I was full because Annabeth wanted to help me pick out a weapon.


She took me to her cabin and led me to a chest full of weapons. I choose two. A bow with a quiver full of arrows and a bronze looking dagger. "Are you sure I can have two?" I asked. "Sure!" "Ok... Just making sure." I smiled back when she smiled at me. I went back to where Rebekah was and she was trying out her new sword she picked out. It was celestrial bronze like Annabeth said with a nice handle engraved with what looked like Latin. It was pretty cool. Although she liked my bow and dagger. My bow was wood of course but had celestrial bronze on the handle and my dagger was just all celestrial bronze and my arrow heads were the same but one was Roman because it had an imperial gold arrow head.


I practiced a lot of the day but found out I didn't need too much practice, well... that's what Annabeth said but she said she would train me to be better with my dagger since that's her weapon. Her old friend Frank Zhang could train me with Bow and she could get her boyfriend to train me on sword so I'm good on multiple weapons. I smiled at her effort like I was some big deal. I mean... Kronos and Gaea were defeated so what do we have next?


We spent the whole day training but stopped occasionally for a break. At dinner I didn't eat much because people kept staring at me and it made me feel weird inside. Annabeth led Rebekah and I to the campfire after dinner. We sang some songs but Chiron decided to introduce Rebekah and I. "I am pleased to announce the arrival of two very special twins at this camp. Rebekah, Marie, please step forward." I stood up very sheepishly and walked up to Chiron. "They have not yet been claimed but hopef-" He was stopped in mid-sentence and everyone was staring at me and Rebekah. I got a queasy feeling from everyone staring at me. Suddenly I looked at Rebekah and a glowing symbol of a trident over her head so I looked at myself and the same thing over my head. I almost screamed but I held it in. Everyone started pointing and whispering and pointing at me and Rebekah. It kinda creeped me out. Finally Chiron spoke up. "Percy Jackson... Please step forward to meet your two new sisters." A young man who could have been my twin brother(Probably was) stepped up and said, "Hi. I'm Percy Jackson. Son of Poseidon."




Hey guys! I hope you like this story so far! And.... CONTEST!!!!!!!!!! If you want to be one of Rebekah or Marie's friend put all this info in a comment.



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