My dad is who?!?

I woke up one day not knowing where I was. I looked outside and saw my twin Rebekah standing on the grass. I walked out and had a chat with her and found out I was at some place called Camp Half-Blood but I haven't been claimed yet. At the camp fire a trident appears over mine and Rebekah's head and a boy who looks just like Rebekah walks up to us and says, "Hi. I'm Percy Jackson, your brother."


2. Secret Room

Marie's POV

As soon as I saw him, it was like I was looking in a mirror as a boy. It kinda freaked me out. I guess I was a triplet and NOT a twin. I stood facing him and my jaw dropped by I brought it strait back to it's place. He smiled at me then led me and Rebekah to where him and his girlfriend sat and it turned out his girlfriend was Annabeth. We sat with them the rest of campfire and ended up moving into Percy's cabin with him since we were claimed. After the campfire Rebekah and I got our stuff and moved it into Percy's cabin. Then, I went to bed. 


I woke up the next morning and saw Rebekah peacefully sleeping and was glad at least one of us had a good night sleep. I walked out to the dock outside the cabin and sat down with my toes touching the water. "What's wrong?" I heard from behind me. I turned to see Percy standing behind me. "Just thinking... Why was Annabeth treating me like I was some big deal when I'm not." He sighed. "I'm not sure why Annabeth does a lot of things but this one Chiron will tell you when he's ready." He replied. I smiled at him. "I"m gonna go get dressed. You should too, breakfast is soon." He said to me then walked off. 


I got dressed and walked down to mess hall only to get stared at again but this time someone actually came up to talk to me. "Hi! I'm Piper. I know you're either Rebekah or Marie. Could you tell me which one because I'm confused." She said. "Hi! I'm Marie." "Can I eat with you?" "Sure!" Then she sat down with me and we chatted the entire time. "Hey yo Piper!!!!!" Someone yelled from across the room while we were in the middle of eating. "Over here Leo!" Then a guy appeared from the crowd of people with dark hair and dark eyes. Judging from the oil grease I was guessing he was the son of Heaphestus. "Who's your friend? She looks a lot like Percy." I'm one of Percy's sisters. Me, him, and my sister Rebekah are triplets." I told him. "Yeah. Her name is Marie." Piper said. "Beautiful name. Anyway, Piper I need your help right now." "Why... I'm in the middle of eating and..." "I'm done... I can help." I volunteered. "Sure, why not." Leo led me away to the woods to some bunker. He opened it up and I was amazed by what was in it. There was stuff EVERYWHERE! 


He led me to a secret room hidden from the rest of the room. "You cam't tell anyone bout this room, ok?" "Yeah, ok." "I can trust you right?" "Yes of course!" "Ok, good." Then he lit up a torch and led me in. After about a minute I realized his hand was on fire and blurted something out I didn't mean to. "That's pretty cool." "What?" He asked. "Your hand..." "Oh... Yeah... Most people freak out or scream." "Well not me." He smiled and I smiled back. Then he led me to a room in the back where a small workshop was set up. "Can you help me finish this? I really need this to be done by tomorrow at noon." He pointed to a half finished machine. "Yeah. You may need to help me though... My mom wasn't into machines... She sold blue candy at a candy store." "That's fine." 


He led me to the table and explained a few simple things. I nodded as he said it but I was lost because of my ADHD and ADD plus my Dislexic made it hard to read the words on each piece. I started working and apparently I was actually doing it right! I started doing what he told me and he smiled at me but his hands caught fire and I backed away because he was really close to me. "Sorry..." He said and stopped smiling and looked down. I looked at his face and smiled. "It's ok... I'm fine which means you did nothing." I said to him and kept smiling until he looked back up at me. "You smile too much... It's creepy." He said while smiling. "I'm just kidding." He said quickly after I smacked his arm. We continued working until lunch, then we took a small break to eat and do a class for the day. Then we continued working until dinner and we ate but after dinner I felt tired from working all day so I took a shower and put on this:

After I took a shower and got dressed, I went to sleep, or at least tried to... I couldn't sleep but tried to look like it. I woke up in the morning to find something strange in my room...



Hey my carrots! I hope you like it so far and don't forget about the contest! Love ya like family!


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