My dad is who?!?

I woke up one day not knowing where I was. I looked outside and saw my twin Rebekah standing on the grass. I walked out and had a chat with her and found out I was at some place called Camp Half-Blood but I haven't been claimed yet. At the camp fire a trident appears over mine and Rebekah's head and a boy who looks just like Rebekah walks up to us and says, "Hi. I'm Percy Jackson, your brother."


9. Jupiter(Camp That Is)

Marie's POV

I followed Piper and Jason down threw the clouds as Camp Jupiter's shape started to form before me. I saw the Tigris River snake around the camp and all the different buildings, sort of forming a capital G. I started appreciating all the beautiful architecture and gardens and it was all so amazing. As we started to land, I saw someone waiting for me and wasn't that happy. It was Reyna. I started thinking I should turn around but something told me not to. Okay... It was Piper saying it would be okay and Reyna's evil glare. "You'll be fine Marie! I promise!" Piper said but it sounded like she was only reassuring herself. I smiled to show her I believed her but the truth was... I wasn't sure if I could. 


I landed Blackjack next to Reyna where Jason and Piper landed. "I see you brought back a friend. Well does she belong to the other camp or is she a complete newbie. I don't think she is a new one because she looks about 19 so.... What's she doing here?" Reyna said. I clenched my fists super mad. "I originally came here to say Happy Birthday to Jason. But then Mister "I Can Fly" decided to stalk me and scare me and then Piper sees something in her knife and says to follow her so now I'm here." I replied with a tude. She shot another evil look. Then she turned to Piper. "So... What did you see?" She asked. Then suddenly a couple demigods appeared with a sickly green complexion, their eyes bulged out, and a twisted maddened grin. 


I didn't feel so good. "Come with me small child, I will take you to your housing place." One of the half-bloods said with a voice so un-settling it was like someone stabbed me back with a knife. I hated it. I slowly reached for the dagger strapped to my arm when they lunged forward.

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