My dad is who?!?

I woke up one day not knowing where I was. I looked outside and saw my twin Rebekah standing on the grass. I walked out and had a chat with her and found out I was at some place called Camp Half-Blood but I haven't been claimed yet. At the camp fire a trident appears over mine and Rebekah's head and a boy who looks just like Rebekah walks up to us and says, "Hi. I'm Percy Jackson, your brother."


4. Gone

Leo's POV

I woke up the next morning on the hill above the lake at camp and got so startled I almost rolled into someone's body next to mine. Then I realized it was Marie. I smiled at her sleeping peacefully on the grass. She was so cute when she was asleep. I got up and carried her to her bed and watched her until she woke up...


Marie's POV

I woke up in my bed and saw Leo sitting next to me. "Morning Princess." He said. I slapped him softly as I was still half-asleep. "I"m nowhere CLOSE to being a princess." I replied. "We gotta go to breakfast." "Then get out so I can change." "Ok. I'll wait outside your cabin for you." "mKay." I left to get dressed. When I was done I walked out to see Leo smiling like a retard. "What is it now?" "Hop on my back. I'll carry you since you're still pretty much asleep." "Ok." I hopped on his back and he carried me to the mess hall. I sat down once we got there and ate a banana with peanut butter and milk. My favorite. 


When we were done Leo had to go do something for his cabin so I went to find Piper. She wasn't here though because it was her boyfriend Jason's birthday. I sighed. I walked to the border of camp and watched as the dragon that protects Thalia's tree laid softly snoring. I walked up to the beast and fed him some left over food I had. I suddenly had an idea. I ran to my cabin and grabbed my backpack. I stuffed it with Ambrosia and Nectar, water, rope, duct tape, an extra dagger, an extra quiver of arrows, food, and matches. I dressed in combat boots, jeans, my Camp Half-Blood tee, and a jacket with my dagger straped to my pants and my bow over my back. 


I ran to the stables since nobody was around and took my favorite pegasus, Blackjack(Yes it's Percy's but oh well...)and took off.

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