Never Let You Go

It has been a year now, since my mother and father had died a horrible car accident. It seems like just yesterday I saw them smile and laughed with them about the most stupid things. I miss them so much, more than I've ever missed anyone else. I now live with my little brother Kyle in our one bedroom flat. I go to school with the famous Justin Bieber, who doesn't even know I exist. I've had a massive crush on him since 3rd grade, although we've never spoken. I wish one day I would have the guts to tell him about my feelings for him, like that'll ever happen. Then came this opportunity, that could change my whole life


4. Interrupted

I went into the bathroom, looked into the mirror 'Shit!' I said, realising I wasn't wearing any makeup. 'You alright?!' Justin asked, sounding concerned. 'Yeah, fine, Thank-you' I replied. I changed into a loose shirt, and little booty shorts. I walked out to find Justin, changing his shirt. He had his shirt off at that time, I looked, trying my hardest not to blush. He looked up at me, 'I'm so sorry!' I said. I realised that I had dropped my bra, I turned around and bent over to pick it up. 'You're so perfect' I heard Justin say. I turned to him, to see him checking me out, top to bottom. I saw his bulge coming out of his pants, he looked down, slightly blushing. 'Its so cute when you blush, Justin' I said. 'Its so cute when you smile, Cecilia' he replied. I walked up to him, hugging him, he hugged back, tightly. He pulled me towards him from my waist, picked me up, and threw me on the bed. He kissed me, slowly and passionately. Pattie walked it, just as we started

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