Never Let You Go

It has been a year now, since my mother and father had died a horrible car accident. It seems like just yesterday I saw them smile and laughed with them about the most stupid things. I miss them so much, more than I've ever missed anyone else. I now live with my little brother Kyle in our one bedroom flat. I go to school with the famous Justin Bieber, who doesn't even know I exist. I've had a massive crush on him since 3rd grade, although we've never spoken. I wish one day I would have the guts to tell him about my feelings for him, like that'll ever happen. Then came this opportunity, that could change my whole life


3. Fall.

I went through the gates of the audition, they gave me a number '41166' to stick on my clothes. I stuck it on, went through the hate, and took a deep breath in. I was here, auditioning for the famous Justin Bieber, the love of my life. I waited in line for them to call my name to come up. 'Can we please have 41166?' I heard a voice say through the microphone, the voice being Justin's. I walked on stage, trying not to show how nervous I was, Justin gave me a quick wink, so that nobody saw. 'Music please!' Justin shouted. I danced every step to the best of my ability until, on the last step, a rounded back hand spring. I fell, straight onto my back, and the bottom of my lower back. I tried to hold back the tears, this had hurt more than you can imagine. Justin ran up to me to make sure that I was okay. 'Cecilia! Are you okay?' He asked. 'Im fine, I think I hurt my lower back though' He picked me up bridal style, and carried me to the paramedics. They were just about to leave for hospital when Justin stopped them. The paramedics stopped, and opened the back of the van, 'Yes Justin?' They said, 'I need to come with Cecilia' Justin said, 'Please' he added. 'Are you partner/boyfriend/husband?' The paramedics said. 'Yes' Justin said, giving me the look as if to tell me to be quiet. I could feel my cheeks blush, which only made Justin smile more at me. We arrived at hospital where I got a few x-rays. They came back as minor injury, with a slight fracture to the lower back. 'Come to my place to rest' Justin said, 'I couldn't let you do that after all you've done' 'I insist' he added with a quick wink. He drove me back to his house, it being a small house, especially for a famous guy. 'Dad is in one room, Jaxon and Jaz are in another, and mom is in hers' he said 'So that leaves only my bedroom, I will sleep on the floor' he added. 'I can sleep on the floor Justin, that's your bed' I insisted. 'Maybe we can share?' He said, trying I be flirty. I smiled 'Go get changed' he added.


Okay, so things are going to get dirty within the next couple of chapters.

I hope to get more likes/comments/views/favs. Love you x


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