Never Let You Go

It has been a year now, since my mother and father had died a horrible car accident. It seems like just yesterday I saw them smile and laughed with them about the most stupid things. I miss them so much, more than I've ever missed anyone else. I now live with my little brother Kyle in our one bedroom flat. I go to school with the famous Justin Bieber, who doesn't even know I exist. I've had a massive crush on him since 3rd grade, although we've never spoken. I wish one day I would have the guts to tell him about my feelings for him, like that'll ever happen. Then came this opportunity, that could change my whole life


1. Another Day.

'Wake up Celia' said my brother Kyle, 'You wouldn't want to be late!' he added. I groaned, rolled over and told him I'd be up in a minute. I got up and made breakfast and lunch for my brother and I. We sat at the table and ate the bacon and eggs I had quickly made. We talked about everything that had happened at school that week and about how exited we were about the weekend that was coming up. I went up stairs, decided on my outfit and got changed. I was wearing a bright blue floral dress with an orange belt, orange high heeled shoes and an orange bow tie in my hair. I put on some foundation, eye liner and mascara and I was ready to go to the hell hole that is school. At least Justin will be there, to brighten up my day. I had a couple of classes with him today, one of them being sports, god I hate sports. 'You ready Kyle?' I asked as I grabbed my car keys, my lunch and walked out the door, Kyle following me. First period I had HPE, with Justin. We were playing soccer, which I happen to be pretty good at. Every time I would score a goal, or get the ball, Justin would look at me and smile. I felt so happy every-time he looked at me, his smile gave me butterflies in my stomach like nothing ever could. The next period I had English, Justin happened to be in that class too. During English I heard all the boys talking to Justin about how his break was nearly over, how they would miss him, they said he was moving back to travel on Tour. I felt my heart drop. I thought Justin had retired.

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