Finding Frost

After returning home to Arendelle, Queen Elsa tries to learn more about here icy powers. Through a old kingdoms tall tale Elsa learns, her father, King of Arendelle, is not her biological father. Now she must find the man responsible for her power, all before her sister's baby is born. Not even having a picture to put to his name, Elsa travels to the Farther North to find him.It won't be easy, she hasn't seen this man in the nineteen years of her life, but she is determined to find him, but will she find more than just her father?


5. Winter to Remember

I looked to Anna as we flipped through the journal. Momma had written about her life as princess of Sepia Blanca and also of the men in her life.

Dearest Journal,

Mother has decided to fix an arranged marriage for me. I suppose as the only child I have to produce an heir, though I don't want to be in Sepia Blanca much longer, I wish to explore the world not rule this fish merchants land. This prince is to come from the west, which is strange because I never knew there was a kingdom to the west. But you know what Journal? I will not marry this prince. No someone else has captured my heart belongs to another. Do you know who? That's right! Frost! You won't believe it! I saw him, I saw Frost he came to me. It is amazing. Oh he was simply gorgeous. Let me tell you how this happened.
I'd woken up early to have a moment to myself. Mother had ordered for my "Ladies Lesson
's" to start that morning and I was not going to have it! I slipped past Hildagard the strict chambermaid and ran to the forest before the shop keepers woke. I had desperately wanted to see Frost, and I believed it that he would be there. The sorcerer, Cedric, had mentioned the legend of Frost and I was determined to find the Master or Ice. I love the winter season it is my favorite!   So with Cedric's help he taught me a spell to reveal the magic of Frost. Of course i turned it into a little song you know I have terrible memory. So armed with my song I went to the deepest parts of the forest and sat in the snow. As I sat i began to hum the song and slowly began to sing.

Venez à moi mon cher un.
Je sais que vous êtes là.
Venez ici pour me révéler vous
La magie qui vous Menacez derrière ne vous cacher éternellement
Enchancia revelaio neige de l'hiver
Enchancia revelaio Gel

Je sais que vous êtes là
Révèle-toi à moi
Je t'aime
Enchancia revelio Gel
Hiver arrêter vous me laissez la magie vois Givre
Arrêtez votre cachette Gel

Amazingly it worked because soon I was not alone. I saw him appear before me, he was dressed in winter cloaks threaded with blue. His eyes  gleamed like icicles, his hair was white as snow and he was there right in front or me. I smiled but said nothing he came towards me treading lightly, as his face was only inches from mine. He placed his hand on my face and surprisingly his touch was warm and gentle.

"You can see me?" he asked his voice like velvet.

"Yes." I whispered.

A small flurry of snow flakes swirled around us as Frost and I embraced.

After that I returned to the forest as often as I could. We talked and talked until soon we sat together in the snow and just smiled at each other. But all too soon, winter ended. I cried as we said good-bye all though he promised to return to me the next winter. But no sooner did he leave, the prince I was betrothed to arrived. For his entire stay I would not speak to him. Mother was furious and soon ordered me to talk to my future husband. However, I became ill with a cold and taking advantage of this my mother arranged the entire wedding in one night; but her plans we foiled when I awoke with sharp pains and too soon I began to give birth. The midwife's and chambermaids and Cedric ran to my aid as  delivered the twins. The prince was at my side as well.

I suppose I should introduce him. Prince Frederick of Arendelle was my betrothed and while he knew the twins were not his he was willing to be by my side through it all.

Elsa was born first, she cried and cried but was still very beautiful. My son was Jack was born but he didn't cry, Cedric and Adina tried to get him to cry but he was cold as ice and would not wake. My son did not make it. My mother heard of my sudden pregnancy and loss, and was furious. She demanded I either was to give up Elsa or married to the Frost character she claimed. I told her I would wait for winter to marry Frost. Frederick stayed until then and assisted in caring for Elsa. December came, sooner than expected. However, Frost did not come, and my time was up. I wouldn't give up Elsa so I decided to comply and wed Prince Frederick. This pleased Mother and by January we were married and soon off to Arendelle I no longer wanted to be with my heartache and left Sepia Blanca.

Frederick and I had a second wedding a day after we arrived in Arendelle and a year later Anna was born. At the same time Frederick became king, I queen. My heart still yearned and ached for my son and Frost but I was happy with my new family, Elsa may never know her true father, but she will know Frederick who loves her as much as Anna. Well I suppose this is the end of this journal but before I go i must mention. Elsa has begun to show the signs of Winter, so I believe she has attained a part of her father after all. Goodbye Journal.

Closing the journal I turned to Anna and saw she had tears in her eyes. Before I knew it we both were crying. I learned I had, had a brother. And I was Frost's daughter. Now I had a description to place to this name, nothing was going to stop me from finding my father.


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