Finding Frost

After returning home to Arendelle, Queen Elsa tries to learn more about here icy powers. Through a old kingdoms tall tale Elsa learns, her father, King of Arendelle, is not her biological father. Now she must find the man responsible for her power, all before her sister's baby is born. Not even having a picture to put to his name, Elsa travels to the Farther North to find him.It won't be easy, she hasn't seen this man in the nineteen years of her life, but she is determined to find him, but will she find more than just her father?


7. Sepia Blanca

I arrived in Sepia Blanca after three day on the boat. Once again I put on my gloves and stepped on to the dock of the large fishing town. The air was hot and humid but it didn't bother me as much as the smell of raw fish in the morning. I was greeted the the queen's guard and escorted to the castle. I looked carefully at all the people. They seemed happy, yet there was an uneasy feeling. Maybe it was due to the heat. I wondered how this kingdom looked during the years of Frost, I so wondered whether Frost came anymore and if he did, was he looking for Isabelle?

The carriage stopped at the front gates of the castle and the King and Queen were waiting there. I stared at my mother's cousin, Elizabeth,the only resemblance I saw was in the eyes and hair color, but other than that there was none. My mother was always so kind and gentle and smiling, this woman had frown lines and was being waited on by several servants. Her husband was a scrawny old man, who looked like the mere event of walking would cause him to collapse.

"Queen Elsa," Elizabeth greeted me. "Welcome to Sepia Blanca, I hope your journey was well."

"Yes thank you. What a lovely kingdom." I said bowing respectively.
The Queen bowed and we went inside, as we walked the queen talked and talked and talked. Entering the throne room there was a young woman slouched on her throne.

"Catherine-Elizabeth sit up at once, a princess does not slump." her mother scolded.

The very bored princess did as she was told, and didn't bother to greet Elsa.

"It is a pleasure to meet you young princess." Elsa said politely.

"How do you do?" Catherine yawned.

"For heaven's sakes child! Where are your manner?" Queen Elizabeth said outraged. "To your room now, until you can behave!"

Almost glad to be away from her mother the girl ran from the room as quickly as she could. A sigh escaped the angered queen as she seated her self on the large sandstone throne.

"Queen Elsa, what brings you to Sepia Blanca?"

"I've come to talk to trade-ship and also help on a personal request." 

"And what request would that be?" the queen asked.

"I'd like to know about the secret on why winter no longer comes to this kingdom."

Queen Elizabeth leaned forward in her chair. "And why would you want to know that?"

"Because it may deal with the finding of my father."

"Who would be?"

"Frost." I said simply.

"But that is impossible, the only woman know to have any relations with that mythological being. would be my own cousin, well more of a sister really. Rest her soul."

"Yes, I know of Isabelle."

"How do-"

"She was my mother. I am Queen Elsa of Arendelle daughter of Isabelle of Sepia Blanca and Frost."

Queen Elizabeth's mouth was wide open as her niece stood before her.


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