Finding Frost

After returning home to Arendelle, Queen Elsa tries to learn more about here icy powers. Through a old kingdoms tall tale Elsa learns, her father, King of Arendelle, is not her biological father. Now she must find the man responsible for her power, all before her sister's baby is born. Not even having a picture to put to his name, Elsa travels to the Farther North to find him.It won't be easy, she hasn't seen this man in the nineteen years of her life, but she is determined to find him, but will she find more than just her father?


9. Jack Frost

I stood there with my not dead brother right in front of me. We turned to Catherine who had turned a ghostly white and was sitting in the corner.

"Cat, what is going on?"

"Jack, this is your sister Elsa. She arrived here last week, and I knew I'd seen the resemblance but she got too nosy and I wouldn't let her expose you."

"What do you mean expose him?" I asked.

"Jack has ice powers. If mother found out she'd order him to be killed. Winter never comes which means the docks are always open which means boats come in and bring trade. We never have to stop for winter. Which means the money always comes in."

"Not to mention Cedric and Adina." Jack mumbled.

"The sorcerer and the midwife." I whispered as I remembered my mother's journal.

"Jack." I said to him. "what do you remember about our parents?"

Jack sat down and sighed.

"I was always told not to ask questions. What I was told was that because of my powers my parents had abandoned me. Cedric had saved me and Adina raised me. When the queen died Adina left and when she left Cedric locked me in here and forgot about me. The pantry is magic so I was never hungry and I have some clothes. Finally I begged Cedric to release me but he refused. He said I was a monster that no one would accept me. I asked him to tell me about my powers, and he threw a spell book at me. I can control the ice, I've learned how but I can't forgive Isabelle or Frost for abandoning me. How could they keep you and not me too?" He spat angrily.

I knelt beside Jack and cupped his face in my hands.

"Jack you were lied to. We all were." I began.

"What do you mean?"

I told him the story that I read in my mother's journal. How he was pronounced dead and taken from  my mother. How she had waited for our father and how he never returned for her.

"She wanted to leave this place and begin her new life. She loved you, and had she known you were alive you would have never been here."

"STOP!" Catherine yelled.

We turned to look at her, she was fuming.

"You can't take him away from me!" she shouted.

"Cat calm down." Jack said standing.

"She'll take you away, and I'll be stuck here forever by myself!" she began to cry.

"Catherine please-" I tried to soothe her.

"NO! Don't you dare touch me! I won't let you take him from me! He will never leave me!"

I backed away from the hysterical girl as she pulled a phial out from her night gown.

"Catherine no!" Jack shouted.

She uncorked it and threw it to the ground a black fog emerged from the ground.

 Catherine cried out, "Глубины темно и ямы черного сыграть эту душу в ночь.
Прочь с вами!"


The fog reared up and I was knocked to the ground.

"Jack no!" I heard Catherine shout.

The fog enveloped him and swallowed him. The candles blew out and there was broken phials every where. I carefully stood and walked over to Catherine. Her body shaking and she was crying out.

"No, no no, you idiot why would he do that?"

"I don't know. But we will get him back Catherine."

"Ugh don't you see? He's gone! He can't come back. It's sent him to the darkness. Nothing will be able to set him free."

"You mean there is no counter spell?"

She shook her head and sobbed. I almost did too. I was so close to finding a link to my father. I'd found something better than that I'd found my brother and because of one mistake he was ripped away from me forever.


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