Touching Spirit Bear 2

Cole has to go back to Minneapolis he has to face school and his parents. Can he do it?


3. School Time

Two days had passed and Cole was home with his mom. Him and Peter talked every week to catch up with one another. "A lot has gone on with you and Peter", said his mother, "I'm very proud of you. I also need to tell you that your dad lost the custody battle."

Cole face beamed with joy. 


The next day Cole woke up and was getting ready for school. "Are you sure you want to go to school today," Cole mom said. 

"I'm positive mom," Cole said smiling.

When the school bus arrived at his house, Cole ran out the door and got on the bus. Nobody would let him sit with them, so Cole sat by himself in the front seat. When the next person got on the bus, they looked Cole squarely in the eyes and spat on him.

Cole was finally at school, he went to his locker and it said, DIE!

Cole didn't know what to think. They didn't know he had changed, got attacked, or that he almost did die. He quickly erased that letters the best he could. Who had done this?  He wanted to know.......He needed to know. 

He thought about that note on his locker all day long. Once he got home his mother asked," How was school today."Cole couldn't lie, so he told his mother what had happened. She knew this would happen sometime or another. 

Cole sat their, eyes filled with tears. His mother tried to clam him down but couldn't. So she called Garvey and Edwin, in a matter of minutes they were their, sweat dripping down their faces.

"What's wrong," asked Garvey. 

"Today at school on my locker someone wrote DIE and I don't know how to handle it," Cole said.

"Just pretend it is not there Champ," said Edwin,"You just need to get used to it. People will always think of you as the person who drove Peter in trying to kill himself."


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