Touching Spirit Bear 2

Cole has to go back to Minneapolis he has to face school and his parents. Can he do it?


2. Leaving Day

 Early the next day Cole woke up Peter and without talking, so they didn't wake anyone, they put on their clothes and they packed for the pond. Today would be the last day to soak in the pond and carry the ancestor rock. 

When they got to the pond, Cole took of his jacket. Him and Peter moseyed into the water. Cole could not believe that Peter would miss this place as much as him. Peter and Cole opened their eyes and ten feet away stood the Spirit Bear.

"I can't believe he came," Cole and Peter said at the same time. 

 After ten minutes they got out of the water, put on dry clothes, and Cole put some of the pond's water into two mason jars. Next they got the ancestor rock and took turns carrying and rolling it. Before they started to go back to the shelter, Cole grabbed the rock.

"I'm taking these with me," he said.

Cole and Peter got into the shelter and started waking everyone up and told them he was taking the ancestor rock and two jars of the pond's water. Then they all packed up what they didn't last night and headed to the boats. Cole stopped Peter at the doorway.

"Here this is for you," Cole said stretching out his arm with one of the jars full of water,"It can be a memory for you."




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