I See You {Book 2} (ON HOLD)

(Sequel To My Old Best Friend) Things will get better. Things will get worse. Things will change, but one thing is forever. I will always love you no matter what. ~Justin


4. WHAT?

Lillian's POV

I sat there in the floor in Justin and I's bedroom sobbing. What am I doing about to give up the most important thing in my life? Justin. I hurt him so bad. Ariana would be so heartbroken. But.. This isn't about them. It's about me and how I feel. I feel soo selfish thinking something like that. These thoughts are selfish and unreal. I can't feel this way about my FAMILY. I need to talk to Justin. I wiped away my tears and got up. I walked towards the door and opened it. There Justin stood with tear stained eyes. He pulled me in for a big hug.


Justin: Lillian! Im sorry for everything I've done the past few days. I don't wanna argue with you anymore. I wanna be with you until the day I die. 


Lillian: Justin I'm sorry for yelling at you and all the mean things I said. I was being selfish and mainly a true bitch to think of leaving you for something so little.


Justin: It's okay. And if you want I'll tell Caitlin and Christian to leave.


I'd be a real bitchy ass wife to make them leave so...


Lillian: No! I want them to stay. Let's go downstairs.


Justin grabbed my hand and pulled me downstairs. Once we get down there in the room was Ryan, Chaz, Grace, Chelsie, Caitlin and Christian. I welcomed Caitlin and Christian by hugs. Lillian: Welcome to my humble abode.

Caitlin: Thank you for letting us stay here! I'm so happy to be with you guys.


I quickly pulled away and crossed my arms.


Lillian: How long are you two gonna be staying?


Caitlin: Maybe just a few months or so. That's what Justin said.


I slowly turned my head and looked at Justin. He smiled. I walked away and went into the kitchen. This is gonna be a long few months.


                                                             *2 Months Later*


I sat there on the front step with Ariana watching everyone race around and have fun. Screaming, laughing, playing. And I just sat there twirling Ariana hair with my finger.


Ariana: Mommy can I go play too?


Lillian: No it's to warm out. But... If you want we can go inside and grab some ice cream?


Ariana: Okay!


We got up and walked into the house. Once in the kitchen I reached in the fridge and grabbed the bucket of french vanilla ice cream and grabbed a big kitchen spoon. I handed both to Ariana and she went at it.


Ariana: Thanks mom.


Lillian: *Giggling* Nooo problem luv bug.


After Ariana had a few spoons of ice cream we went back outside.


                                                           Justin's POV

I stood there looking around the front yard. Caitlin and I are currently in an intense round of hide and seek. I heard giggling coming from behind a tree. Caitlin. I quietly walked over and there stood Caitlin. I picked her up and swung her around as she laughed. With my free hand I raised it in the air fist pumping while running.


Justin: Woohoo!!! Victory!!


Caitlin: Okay! Okay! You won! Put meh down Biebuh.


I put her down on her feet and there we stood glazing at each other smiling.


Caitlin: Your eyes are so brown. So.. Beautiful.


Justin: Your eyes are.. Wow. Hypnotizing. Beautiful.


I heard someone clear there throat and I turned around to see Lillian. She looked as if she was about to cry. She turned around and ran in the house.


Justin: Lillian wait!


I chased after her. Once inside I ran up to Lillian and tried hugging her but she began pounding on my chest.


Lillian: *Sobbing* Get the fuck off me now!


Justin: No stop! What's wrong?


Lillian: I fucking hate that bitch! And I want her out of my house!


Justin: C-Caitlin?


Lillian nodded while crying.


Justin: Stop being a fucking dramatic bitch because she didn't do shit to you Lillian!


Lillian: Do you hear yourself?! She's ruining our family! Over the past few months you've only spent time with her ignoring your daughter and pregnant wife!




Justin: Say that again?


Tears began streaming out of her eyes.


Lillian: *Whispers* I'm pregnant and you don't even... CARE.


I walked forward and wrapped my arms around her.


Justin: I'm sorry. You didn't tell me. How long have you known?


Lillian: I've known for a month now. I'm already 2 months.


I began rubbing her tiny stomach bump.


Justin: You hid this from me?


Lillian: Y-yes I'm sorry.


Justin: Please. DON'T do it again babe.


Lillian: I promise.

(A/n: Short chapter. More later. Peace ✌️)

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