I See You {Book 2} (ON HOLD)

(Sequel To My Old Best Friend) Things will get better. Things will get worse. Things will change, but one thing is forever. I will always love you no matter what. ~Justin


21. Typical

Lillian's POV

After 12 hours of painful pushing and agonizing screams on Saturday, October 11, at 4:56 in the morning Seth Jeremiah Bieber was born. Once he was out Justin literally took him from the doctor.

"M-My baby." Justin said crying. The doctor let him cut the umbilical cord and then they took him away to be cleaned.


I sat up in the hospital bed drinking a cup of apple juice watching Justin hold Seth.

"Is he okay? All 10 fingers and toes? Can hear and see?" I asked. Justin looked up at me.

"What chu think?" He pouted. I giggled at his silliness. He walked over and carefully handed me the baby. I sat there taking in all his features. He looks more like Justin, but I can tell he'll have my blonde hair.

"Hey Seth. I'm Lillian. Well to you mom. And to dad 'mommy'." I said playing with his tiny fingers.

"Um excuse me what's my name?" Justin asked arching his eyebrow.

"Papi..." I responded smirking.

"Ew stop you just had a baby." Ryan said coming into the room, followed by the others and my Ariana.

"Ariana meet your brother. Seth." I said holding him up.

"Let me hold him!" Ariana said excitedly. I gave the baby to Justin and he slowly gave Seth to Ariana.

"Be very careful. And hold his little head up." Justin instructed. Ariana did as told.

"Awww daddy Justin!" Chaz said hugging Justin tightly. He slowly backed off. "Bro what's on your shirt?"

"Just alittle of Lillian's internal blood, from when Seth calm out. That's all." Justin explained. Chaz backed away slowly and sat down.

"Justin go change your shirt. That's really nasty." I demanded. He nodded and walked away. Chelsie came over to me and squeezed my shoulders.

"Two kids!" She said. I nodded. I looked over to Ariana.

"Do you like Seth?" I asked.

She nodded like crazy! "I love Sethy!" She said pinching his cheeks.

Ariana's POV

(10 Years Later)

"Mom I hate Seth!" I yelled down the stairs holding up my favorite t-shirt that was now shredded. Mom walked over to the stairs and looked at my shirt.

"Hunny we can get you a newer shirt like that." She suggested.

"Um no we can't! I got this from a professional clothes designer and this is the only shirt there was." I explained.

"Ariana. Get over yourself." She said. I rolled my eyes and turned around to see Seth. I grabbed onto his neck and tackled him to the ground.

"Mom help! She's doing it again!" Seth yelled.

"Lord, Justin I need you!" She said coming up the stairs. She attempted to pry my hands off. Not working momma.

"Goddamn. You two kids." Dad said coming upstairs. Once I was done I had to argue with them all about privacy in my room.

"What privacy?" Dad asked. I growled.

"I don't want my stuff to be touched by that dork anymore." I said pointing to Seth. We yelled at eachother for awhile but hey. Typical.

(10 Years Later. :( Ariana's 16 and Seth's 10. I'm sorry for all this happening so fast. It's like yesterday Seth was a baby. ;) )

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