I See You {Book 2} (ON HOLD)

(Sequel To My Old Best Friend) Things will get better. Things will get worse. Things will change, but one thing is forever. I will always love you no matter what. ~Justin


5. Stay Away

                 Lillian's POV
Justin and I laid there in bed talking and playing around as Ariana, Grace, Chelsie and Caitlin went shopping. Caitlin. I. HATE. HER. I honestly suspect some real shit but I'll let go for now.

Justin: Apple?

Lillian: No.

Justin: Banana?

Lillian: No.

Justin: Oranges? 

Lillian: JUSTIN WE ARE NOT NAMING THE BABY AFTER FRUIT! I honestly think your brain doesn't work when it comes to this stuff. 

Justin: Maybe it does.. Maybe it doesn't. 

I looked him straight in the eye.

Lillian: It doesn't boo. Sorry. 

He began frowning. So I hovered above him and gave him kisses down his neck. Then I began kissing his soft lips. Then he stopped me?

Justin: Wait wait... If we fuck is there a possibility that like.. You can get more pregnanter? 

Lillian: What the hell are you talking about Bieber?

Justin: Like.. Like you would have more... ER.. Babies.

Lillian: No dumb ass! Just fuck me!

Justin: You horny bastard...

                 Ariana's POV
I sat there in the car as auntie Chelsie drove Grace, Caitlin and I to the mall. I like the mall alot. Daddy and I always go there and every time he gets me and mommy really nice things. I remember the last time we went there he bought mommy a infinite diamond ring. I loved being able to rub my finger over the design. 

Chelsie: Ari what do you wanna get when we get to the mall?

Ariana: Um... Hair bows. And clothes! Lots and lots of clothes!

Everyone started laughing.

Ariana: I was being serious...

I felt someone touch my cheek and I jumped. 

Caitlin: Your so adorable!

I smacked Caitlin's hand off my face.

Ariana: Shut up! Don't touch me.

Chelsie: Hey hey Ariana! That's not nice. Apologize. 

I sat there with my arms crossed. 

Chelsie: Now Ariana! Or else your going back home. 

Ariana: No! I hate her and that's it.

Caitlin: Ariana I'm sorry. Wanna talk?

Ariana: Sure.

I felt the empty space between us and scooted closer. I quietly whispers something in her ear.

Ariana: I'm sorry that your a stupid hoe that's ruining my family. And one more thing CAITLIN. Stay away from my daddy. Or else my mommy won't be the only one you have to worry about. 

I smiled to myself and sat back in my seat. 

Chelsie: Did you say sorry Ariana?

Ariana: Yes auntie. I did. 

(A/n: Ariana's cray or nahh? I had an idea you guys. So I was thinking like I can put out sonewhat short chapters for I See You to get more chapters out and long chapters for What He Was. Just to you know get stuff done. Comment thoughts.



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