I See You {Book 2} (ON HOLD)

(Sequel To My Old Best Friend) Things will get better. Things will get worse. Things will change, but one thing is forever. I will always love you no matter what. ~Justin


8. Relax Lilly


Justin's POV

"Caitlin no. It's not the right time for a vacation." Caitlin had just suggested that Lillian and I take a vacation to heal our relationship, but I think we're fine.

"Justin come on! I'm sure you know this is something Lillian would want to do." Caitlin insured.

I began to smirk. "But we both know what I want." I brought my to hers and she smacked me. "DAMN!"

"Justin what the fuck?! This is the problem now! Here's an easier plan. I'M NOT SPEAKING TO YOU UNTIL YOU EXCEPT THE VACATION!" Caitlin yelled then almost left the room. I ran up to her and shut the door. She turned around and looked at me.

"What BIEBER?"

"I'll except the vacation bae.." I bit my bottom lip and grabbed her ass. She gasped.

"Was that a moan?" I asked squeezing it. She scratched my hand and pulled it off, then left the room. I giggled.

Lillian's POV

I walked outside carefully (DIDN'T CARE TO PUT ON SHOES) to check the mail. I walked over to the mail box and opened it revealing a few envelops. I grabbed them and ran inside. My feet are BURNIN!

Once I got inside I walked into the kitchen there stood Justin making himself a bowl of ice cream. I hopped up on the counter and looked at him.

"Justin do you think you wanna eat all of that? You've been working out alot lately don't you wanna stay in shape?" I asked.

He just eyed me then said "I do need a little reward once and awhile don't I?"

I put my hands up in surrender. I began browsing through mail and throwing useless to the side...

Bills. Useless..

Bills. Useless..


Wait what? I opened the letter.

Hey love it's Pattie! We haven't talked in soo long! YOU NEED TO CALL ME. I heard about the baby and I'm oh so excited! Justin told me if you're wondering.. I can't wait to see the little booboo! I planned on coming and visiting soon if that was alright with you and Justin. I'll be sending you this letter as soon as possible. I love you and tell Justin and Ariana the same!

That was it. I looked up at Justin was he sat on the counter stool eating the ice cream.

"Your mom loves you Justin." I said.

"I love her too!" Justin said playfully. I giggled then began looking through the pile again. There was one pile of mail that was tied up. I pulls the little paper out of it. Fan mail. I rolled my eyes and threw the package at Justin. It hit his forehead and landed in his bowl.

"Ow!" Then he looked down at the bowl. "Lilly... Why?" He asked frowning. I shrugged. "Opps."

I looked down at this single envelop on my lap.

I'm Back ;)

I opened it.

Don't think you can easily get away from me bitch. I'm not done yet. I won't stop til' I get my baby girl. Ahh Ariana. How is she? Well.. Never mind. Saw her this morning. I'll see you later though baby.

I.. I.. Joey? Oh no.. No. No. No. I started breathing heavily. I don't know if I'm gonna cry or I just can't breathe. Justin came over and looked at me. I began panicking and he touched my shoulder.

"Babe what's wrong?" Justin said. I literally tuned him out. I held the letter in my hand trembling.

"What's that?" Justin said pointing to the letter. I put it behind my back. Justin tried reaching for the letter, but I kept hiding it more. It turned into a tussle. My stomach was beginning to hurt and Justin just made it worse.

"Justin s-stop..!" I demanded. But he continued. The pain was becoming unbearable.

"Justin stop! You're hurting my stomach and I don't want a f-fucking miscarriage!" I cried out. He stopped and looked at me. "Baby I'm sorry. What's wrong with you?" He asked.

I shook my head. "I'm fine we just needa go. Like leave. Now."

"Oh oh alright. Caitlin planned a vacation for us. We can leave right away." Justin said.

"Us as in you and I?" I asked. Justin nodded. I sat there thinking for a bit. "Well Pattie's gonna be flying over hopefully soon so she can watch Ari. I guess we can.."

Justin gave me a kiss and rubbed his thumb over my cheek. "Relax Lilly."

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