I See You {Book 2} (ON HOLD)

(Sequel To My Old Best Friend) Things will get better. Things will get worse. Things will change, but one thing is forever. I will always love you no matter what. ~Justin


17. It's A....

*Three Days Later*

Justin's POV

I walked through the rehab center looking for some people to talk to. I'm waiting for Lillian to call me. She has a doctor's appointment today, and she's supposed to find out what the baby is.

It's been really lonely not having someone to talk to. There's my therapist Brandon but all he does is yell at me. I understand my mistakes and I honestly wanna take them back, but I know that's not gonna be easy. But I promised myself and prayed to God that everything would get better. I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I turned and looked.

"Hey bro you alright? I'm Nate. Just checking on ya. You like zoned out." This guys said laughing. I gave him a sly smile.

"Yeah I'm good. I'm just expecting a call from my wife." I said holding up my phone.

"Hey wait aren't you Justin Bieber?" He asked. I nodded. "My daughter is a big fan of you! I heard about you upcoming baby congrats." He said grinning.

"Thanks bro.." I said. He patted my shoulder.

"And I heard about what happened. Don't worry about it JB. I'm sure you're wife will forgive you. In the end everything will get better. Everybody makes mistakes, and it's okay. Don't stress." He said. I nodded. Ring ring! Lillian. I answered the phone.


J: Hello?

L: Hey it's Lillian!

J: Lilly babe I saw that on the caller ID.

L: Sorry. Just got excited.

J: What is it?

L: A boy!!)

I felt a whole lot of happiness built up. I held my hand to my chest and sighed a breath of relief. I felt a tear stream down my face.

(J: I'm soo fucking happy right now, you wouldn't understand.

L: I'm happy too Justin!

J: Lillian please know that I love you forever and always.

L: Aw Justin baby I love you too.)

I said my goodbye to her and hung up. I turned to Nate and threw my hands in the air.

"I'm having a boy!" I said proudly. Nate patted me on the back.

"Congrats bro. Congrats."

(A/n: Finally. Alittle bit back to normal. I'm happy. Ya?)

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