I See You {Book 2} (ON HOLD)

(Sequel To My Old Best Friend) Things will get better. Things will get worse. Things will change, but one thing is forever. I will always love you no matter what. ~Justin


6. I Wanna Sing!

                 Lillian's POV
I sat there on the floor in Ariana's room going through all her baby clothes. I really wanna have another girl therefore the clothes won't go to waste.. But it is what it is. I sat there sorting out the clothes when Justin walked in.

Justin: Wait wait.. Are you having a girl?

Lillian: I don't know yet Justin. But these clothes aren't going to waste. 

Justin: So you're putting a dress on a boy?

Lillian: Correction I'll be putting a dress on our daughter because I KNOW I won't be having a boy.

Justin: Baby we know that it's a boy so save all that girly shit for our next baby.

Lillian: Um excuse me but there won't be a NEXT baby. I'm sorry to say but I'm banning sex.

Justin looked shocked.

Justin: After what just happened in our bedroom you wanna BAN sex? Of all Activities! 

Lillian: *Pouting* Sex hurts my kitty cat Justy.. 

Justin came over leaned down and kissed me. I jumped up on him and wrapped my legs around his torso. Justin held me tight and close to him.

Justin: *Whispers* You make Jerry a very happy... Penis. 

Lillian: I'm glad that I make Jerry a very happy.. Penis?

Justin: Well he's not a person!

Lillian: You're a person do I make you happy?

Justin kissed my nose. 

Justin: Of course.

                 Ariana's POV
I stood there with my arms crossed as the girls roamed through clothes. I hate them really much. There so mean. And there's these really stupid girls standing outside of the store screaming my name but I don't know why. I wanna go home. I pulled on Auntie Chelsie's shirt as she talked to Caitlin to get her attention. 

Ariana: Auntie!

Chelsie: Ariana wait.

I pulled on her again.

Ariana: Auntie Chelsie!

Chelsie: Ariana.. WHAT?!

She screamed at me.. I began crying. 

Chelsie: Stop! Why are you crying?

I rubbed my eyes pointing to the direction of loud girls. 

Chelsie: Aw Ari.

Auntie Chelsie picked me up and I laid on her shoulder crying. I felt Caitlin's hand rub my back. 

Caitlin: It's okay Ariana. Those are your daddy's fans. BIELIEBERS. I'm sure they don't wanna scare you, they're just really excited to see you.

I smacked her hand off.

Ariana: I wanna go home. Right now. 

Chelsie: Okay okay. Let's go. 

We walked outside and there was lots of BIELIEBERS out there. They were loud and scary. I laid on Auntie Chelsie's shoulder and cried. I heard lots of girls saying 'It's okay Ariana!' 'Don't cry we love you!' But I ignored it. I just want my daddy.


                Justin's POV
I laid on the bed as Lillian was on top of me kissing me. We've been at the same thing for the last past hour now. 

Justin: Your lips are so soft..

I said in between kisses.

Lillian: Thanks ßizzłe. 

Lillian stopped kissing me and laid down next to me. I hovered above her.

Justin: Why did you stop?

She smiled at me and grabbed my hand and put it on top of her stomach. I felt little movements from the baby. 

Justin: Is that his foot?

Lillian: Yes it's HER foot Justin. 

I put my head carefully on Lillian's stomach listening to our baby move. I put one of my hands on Lillian's stomach as I laid there. 

Justin: Hello my baby boy. It's your daddy.  Just letting you know you're gonna like me more than mommy okay? Because everybody does. 

Lillian smacked my head.

Justin: *Giggles* Ow! Okay you may like me more than mommy but you'll love her much more. 

The door opened and in came Chelsie holding Ariana as she cried. I got up and walked over taking Ariana from Chelsie. 

Justin: What happened Ari?

Ariana: *Sniffling* Your BIELIEBERS scared me really much daddy!

I rubbed her back. 

Justin: I'm sure they didn't mean to scare you Ari.

Ariana: Why do you have Bieliebers? 

Justin: Well thats what you call the people that love and support me really much. 

Ariana: For what? 

Justin: My music. 

I walked into my music room with her and we sat down at the drum set. I let her take lead of the drum sticks and she drummed away. Sadly she nearly poked my eye out. But I survived. 

Ariana: Daddy I wanna sing when I got older too!

Justin: Of course you can baby.

(A/n: Next chapters will be years later. Enjoy!) 


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