I See You {Book 2} (ON HOLD)

(Sequel To My Old Best Friend) Things will get better. Things will get worse. Things will change, but one thing is forever. I will always love you no matter what. ~Justin


7. Bet

Lillian's POV
I wake with an elbow wedged in my stomach, so I smack the first thing I could find. "Ow!" Opps Ariana... I rub her arm and idly say "Hmm I guess I'm sorry little girl."  I get up and put the blanket over Ariana. I walked over to give Justin a morning kiss but, oddly he wasn't there. I went into my drawer and got some clothes. I walked into the bathroom and showered. 

               Justin's POV
i walked over to Caitlin's door and knocked on it. She opened the door ringing out her wet hair with a towel. I'm assuming she just got out of the shower. "Hey Ju-" I quickly cut her off by kissing her. While we kissed she pulled me into her room and closed the door. She stopped and went and sat on the edge of her bed. I walked over and sat down next to her. I pulled her in for a kiss but she rejected? 

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"This! This is wrong Justin. I can't kiss you because I'm sure this would turn into much more." 

"No it won't. I promise!" I said.

"No Justin! You don't understand. I've been warned by Ariana not to do something like that. She literally threatened me. I can't do that to her or Lillian." Caitlin stated. 

She stood up and walked towards the door. "Justin.. You have a lovely daughter, and a pregnant wife. I can't ruin that."

I got up and walked over to her. I grabbed her arm and turned her around. "Please Caitlin. I.. I can't. I'm not happy anymore. I'm not happy with Lillian. Things have changed so much since Ariana was born. And I can tell everyday we're drifting apart for useless stupid reasons." I explained. 

"Justin... You need to fix this THING you have with Lillian first before you even DARE move on. I'm sorry to say this Justin but.. You'd be one hell of a jackass for leaving a sweet, innocent girl like her. She deserves better than whatever you're possessing for." She pulled my arm off from around her and left the room. I walked out of the room and screamed after her. 

"And what the hell am I exactly POSSESSING for?!" I asked. She turned around and looked me at.

"A useless excuse for a husband!" She yelled. Then she walked downstairs. I ran my hand through my hair then pulled it due to frustration. I felt arms wrap around my waist. 

"Hey.. Um is everything okay?" Lillian. I turned around facing her. I forced a smile upon my face. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. 

"Of course baby. Um.. What's up?" I asked. 

"We need to consider putting Ariana in school." Lillian responded. 

I stepped back and rolled my eyes to the fact we have to have this conversation again. "Lillian I-"

"Listen Justin. I understand that homeschooling is going really well for her and all but she needs to be interactive with more people. In an ACTUAL school." Lillian explained. I nodded understanding where she was coming from. 

"Okay. We'll get this stuff settled when school starts back up in August. Hey.." I arched my eyebrows in confusion. "Is that shirt new?" I asked.

Lillian began laughing. "Justin you know I got this shirt 3 years ago. You say the same thing every time I wear it. Do you not like it or something?" 

"Oh I just hate it. It's so.. Damn.. Ugly.." I say smiling. 

I could tell she was getting angry. "Ohh Justin you have one more fucking time to insult me.. I SWEAR I'LL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!" She began hitting my chest. I laughed. 

"Yo.. Yo!! Bae calm downn. I love your ugly ass shirt." I said correctly myself. She stepped back and pointed to me.

"You have one more time to say something mean and I promise you I'll burn your penis and all those UGLY ASS clothes." She said smirking. I gave her a worried look.

"You wouldn't." I muttered. 


(A/n: REALLY short but here. I'll put out 2 chapters tomorrow probably. Who knows? They'll be short through. Enjoy!)

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