Behind The Eyes Of a Girl

Diamond keeps having these vivid dreams. She goes to school everyday missing something. A new boy moves in next to her he is 17 just like her. Right when he lays eyes on her his heart stops . Shes head over heels in love.Live in diamonds shoes. See what crazy things she does for love rules are broken hearts are destroyed and the one she loves dirty secrets.


1. The gift

                               Hi my name is diamond  I have golden blond hair and crystal blue eyes.My mom says im her little miracle , because when i was born i almost died . But something magical happened . Let me take you back to that moment. 1758 march, 5 at 11:11 pm.MOM- ugh ahhhhhh get this thing out it hurts my vagina ! doctor- push its almost out  i see its head. Mom - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. doctor- great job shes out.Mom- few can i see her...? Doctor- THE CHILD'SA NOT BREATHING I NEED HELP HURRY! The mom closes her eyes and makes a wish . She knows her baby will die so she asks one thing .Put me in my little girls place. An angel heard my mothers prayer and said a mother like that shouldn't die .A tear drop falls from the angel she rips of her wings and places them on the child.An angel without wings falls and dies . So then I began to glow and on my back is two birth marks in the shape of wings . But even with this gift comes a price my price was beauty . I know it sounds stupid but its true. Every girl hates me i have no friends. "They are all jealous of your gift "my mom says.I guess ,but its lonely to have no friends. "I know honey but im hear".Ik thats why i love you.Im going up to my room.Ok dinners done at 5. K. Just remember that new family is moving in and we need to say high. Ok whatever I hope they dont have children , Another person who hates me. I went into my bedroom.The only thing i have is my teddy bear wiggles he keeps me safe at night . I removed my shirt and pants then my underwear and bra. I looked in the mirror at my angel wings . Then at myself how can someone who was not ment to live be so hated and loved ? I heard rustling at my window. OH crap i left the window open . I turn and snap a boy takes a picture. I wrap myself in a blanket. Ha this photo is worth alot of money or am i feeling generous  i might just post this on every locker at our school. Please dont please . Or maybe i can do a trade of . What anything. This photo for your virginity. Never will I ever sleep with you. Fine then no deal. Just when she thought she was out of luck. The new neighbors pulled in . A boy about her age spotted her. He sensed something wrong. He jumped out of the car and ran over there . R u ok ? is he bothering you ? Yes he is he shot a nude picture of me and wont delete it. She started to cry. He turns to the guy . Your going to give me the camera delete it and never come back here again. No you serious dude. I warned you. He pulls back his fist and hurls it at him.

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