5SOS Imagines

These are some 5 seconds of summer imagines that i have written if you one just put what you want and with who in the comments or email me ellismckayla@ymail.com welp hope you like it! -McKayla <3


2. I Will Love You Forever And Always

"Ashton get off your heavy" you tell you boyfriend as he lays on you. "No your so comfortable". You just laugh and push him off onto the floor but on the tumble done he takes you with him. You land on him looking him in the eyes as you think of all the amazing memories you guys have had together. "Babe what are you looking at" Ashton says. "Im just admiring all the memories of us that your beautiful eyes hold." You are about to tell him what you mean when he gets a text from the boys saying the need him in the studio to record some. Ashton kisses you goodbye as he walks out the door. Neither of you had said i love you yet. Later that night you think of all the amazing times you and him have had together. Like your first date when you went to a nirvana concert.The time when you guys went ice skating together, he fell with you on top of him and you guys had your first kiss by accident. When we could leave little sticky notes around the house telling you how lucky he was to have you. Thinking about all these memories made you tired and you dozed off into a sweet sleep. When you woke you, you see Ashton cuddling up next to you. You just lay there admiring how beautiful he really is. "Stop starring at me in trying to sleep" Ashton mumbles. "Okay then grumpy pants im going to go make breakfast". While you are making waffles you feel two hands wrap around your waist and a kiss on your cheek. "Good morning beautiful". "Good morning" you say with little less emotion. "What were you going to tell me about yesterday"? You start to explain how you were thinking of all the amazing memories you guys had together and all of a sudden Ashton kisses you and just stares at your eyes. "Babe i just want you to know that your are my everything and your perfect in every way and umm...... *mumbles* i love you". "What was the last part Ashton i didnt hear you speak up" He takes a deep breathe and looks at you " I said i love you" " You love me?!" you ask in shock. Ashton picks you up and spins you around " Yes i love you forever and always!" "I love you too Ashton forever and always"


(A/N well i havent been on here in 8 months but ill try to be on more now that i have wifi but i hope you guys like it (: -McKayla <3 )

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