5SOS Imagines

These are some 5 seconds of summer imagines that i have written if you one just put what you want and with who in the comments or email me ellismckayla@ymail.com welp hope you like it! -McKayla <3


1. Home From Tour

It's been ten months since you last saw your boyfriend Ashton. You guys have talked on the phone and skyped but its not the same. He was so post to come home yesterday but he never came. You were starting to get worried so you grabbed your phone and dialed his number. Just as you were about to call him he texted you. "Hey babe go outside i mailed you a present don't ask question just go look..." You did as Ashton said and went outside to see what he mailed you. As you opened the door you saw a huge package wrapped with a bow on it. You tried to move it inside but that didn't work so you decided to open it outside. As you untied the bow the box flew open. "SUPRISE!" Out popped Ashton out of the box. When you saw him you started to cry. "Babe why are you crying? I didn't mean to scare you.." You giggled while trying to stop crying. You grabbed him and hugged him tight. "I wasn't scared I just missed you so much!" He pulled away from your embrace and kissed your cheek. You pecked his lips. "Come on get out of this box Irwin" you laughed. Ashton tries to get out of the box and falls on the ground pulling you with him. "Well this is comfy" he says. You giggle and get up. "Well are you gonna lay there and look cute or are you gonna come cuddle with me"? He jumps up and grabs your hand and take you inside. You guys watch movies and he tells you all about tour. You too fall asleep cuddling on the couch with Ashton's arms wrapped around you. 


(A/N OKAY this is my first 5SOS fan fic so I hope you lovelies like it! ill make more just ask me or emaill me what you want! -McKayla <3

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