Stained Pure Red || Harry Styles and Selena Gomez

Charmine Zarina was any other normal girl. She goes to school, perfect grades, a life that she would never regret ever. One day, her parents confessed about everything she used to be in the past. That explains why her parents were acting very odd in the past few days. Her birthday was coming up and she was turning 18 years old, she thought that investigating about the truth would be a great birthday present for her. Later on, many things began to happen in sudden notice. She came home very late from the library, was cornered by a group of nasty boys that wanted her for assault, and ran into a forest that was on lock down for some horrible purpose.

What happens when Charmine meets the same person she met along time ago that was found missing? Would she find out the truth about her history? But most of all, will she fall for the boy that wasn't himself long ago and was recalled as a kidnapper?

Fanfiction about Harry Styles and Selena Gomez
"Only A Vampire Can Love You Endlessly


14. Chapter Thirteen

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H a r r y

                        It was morning already and all I could do was groan and roll over to the other side of my bed. My room was dark and every morning that I have experienced, I would always have to face a bit of pain which is, the sun. I'm used to it anyways and I don't have anything to complain. I got off the bed and went into my bathroom to piss, brush my teeth and shower. Once all of that was done, I sorta felt that all of my guilt and problems were gone, but it didn't, it never will unless I see Charmine again. I peered over to my bed and imagined her lying down on my bed reading one of my magazines.

She was beautiful, smiling at me as I came in the room with a taco and a glass of water. It wasn't her fault that she escaped, it was my fault that I let her. She was afraid, terrified, and yet alone confused  in a house full of vampires. I some how feel as if she is still alive. I don't think she has left the forest yet, and I hope my thoughts are correct. I would love to see her human like face again.

As I left the bathroom, I went over to my dresser. I picked up a red plain shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. These were all my old clothes back then when I was still in high school. As I wore them on, I sprayed a bit of cologne and walked over to my window. I could feel my heart beating faster as I grasped the ends of the curtain. I took a deep breath as I moved the curtain to the side, revealing the sun. 

I hissed as I squinted my eyes. It was a slight sting but it wasn't that bad. I panted, trying to catch my breath and remain calm. When I received a knock on my bedroom door.

"Harry, breakfast is ready." I heard Lillia's small voice go. 

"Yup I'm coming." I replied. I glanced over to the mirror to make sure that I looked okay, but I couldn't find my reflection. I forgot, vampires can't be seen in mirror, and I forgot that I wasn't no longer a human.

Z a y n

"Do you want chicken liver or pig heart?" Lillia asked Louis. Just another typically day, eating nothing but chicken liver and pig heart. It hasn't always been like this. Back then, these types of food was what we craved, it was rare to eat such a meal, but now I'm kinda of sick and tired of it.

"Of course chicken liver." Louis answered as Lillia places four pieces of chicken liver onto his plate. Liam picked the pig's heart and Niall chose to have a slice of pizza in the morning. I didn't have a choice so I took a pig heart and enjoyed half of the meal and how tasty it is. Harry walked into the room and he was already changed. 

"Morning Harry, come sit next to me. I made chicken liver, your favourite." Lillia exclaimed sweetly. Harry smiled and walked past the table and just from the corner of my eye, I could see Lillia frowning.

"it's ok, I'm just going to have blood bag for now." Harry explained slowly as he opened the refrigerator. Niall began to laugh along with Louis, and Lillia just sat there staring at Harry, but only Liam and I ate quietly.

"Are you on a diet Styles." Niall smirked, while Louis continued to laugh.

"Hardly." Harry smiled as he popped of the cap and brought that bag to his lips as he began to drink it all. Suddenly Harry didn't look pale at all, his skin turned back to its bright colour as he threw away the bag.

"Much better." He added as he went over to the door and wore his boots onto his feet.

"Where do you think your going?" Lillia asked. this girl is too addicted to Harry. Harry looked up to Lillia.

"I'm just going to go for a walk, if that's alright with you." He assured. His hand on the knob as he turned it. Louis began to hiss as the sunlight came into the room, I guess he didn't bother to look outside the window in his room.

"Can I come, I'm finish anyways." She asked. Harry nodded as she stood up from her seat placed her plate in the sink. As the door closed behind Harry, I could see Louis rubbing his eyes and his fang slowly fading.

"You shouldn't have opened the curtains in your room." I told him. He hissed at me again until his fangs were gone.

"Well it wasn't my fault, you know I hate morning sunlight." He explained as he took his plate and placed it in the sink along with Lillia's and mine. 

"It's your turn Liam, to feed the girls in the dungeon." Niall reminding him. Oh right, the girls, I completely forgot about them. That explains why Lillia is here.

"I know, I know." Liam answered as he grabbed a glass of water after his plate was in the sink. I watched him open the refrigerator and take out one of Niall's burgers that he bought yesterday. As he went down the hall to the dungeon, I went over to the couch and grabbed the remote, turning on the T.V.

"Hey check out the sports channel would yah." Niall said. I began to flip through the channels until I found a channel showing a hockey game. I wasn't quite interested so I just got a magazine and began to read. I didn't know what else to do and these magazines are out of date. Not many of us can go out to the real world and fetch some supplies.

Mostly Niall was the one who could go out, but just to buy food. The vampire Council, provide us the money and all I could say, maybe were rich. Harry is the only one who knows how much money we have, and to get a hold of it. I began to think about how many friends I wouldn't had have if I weren't a vampire. My own uncle was the one who transformed me twenty years ago. I'm suppose to be thirty-nine years old right now but since Vampires can't grow old, I'm forever young.

Forever young as in, i can now find the perfect girl to spend my life with. I havent met that much girls yet and I have onky met the two girls in the dungeon, Lillia, and Charmine. Lillia has already chose Harry and i dont really know the two girls in the dungeon so all I have left is Charmine.

Charmine, such a beautiful name.
All i can think of is when I could see her again. Her beautiful soft hair and how i found her in the lake. Thats when i knew, I forgot that Charmine is in the shack. I stood up and left the magazine on the table as i went straight for the door. I hope she still is  As I stepped outside, I found Lillia and Harry walking near the shack. They must have heard Charmine.

"Hey guys, what are you guys doing?" I yelled as they both looked at me, forgeting what they were both doing earlier. I need to distract them just in case of Charmine is still there.

"Oh hey Zayn." Harry greeted. I tucked my hands in my pockets.

"Morning Zayn. We were just talking." Lillia responded. I forgot that I haven't talked to her yet this morning. Let's see, should I lie. I sniffed the air finding the smell of human blood but haven't. She must have something around her that might have cause the smell to stay put. If I told Lillia that her phone is ringing and Harry that I needed to talk to him, Charmine could easily escape.

"Ok, um Lillia. Your phone is ringing." I told Lillia as her eyes widened. She walked up to me and patted my shoulder.

"Oh ok, thanks" She praised me as she walked past me and went into the house. Now I need Harry away from the shack, I don't him knowing that I am friends with a human and sneakily hiding her in the house.

"Harry, could I talk to you for a moment." I asked as he stepped closer to me. He nodded.

"Sure." He replied. His eyes were focused on my face analyzing me just in case if something was wrong. I'm already sweating just because of the lie I was about to tell him.

"Inside though." I reminded him. He formed his mouth into an "o" shape as we began to make our way into the house. As we stepped inside, Louis was watching the hockey game while Niall is looking for something in the fridge.

"Okay what do you want to talk about." Harry assured. I'm panicking. I looked around the find something to talk about. I looked over at Niall and for some reason, I want to know what he is thinking about.

Man, alI we have is junk. Can't a guy gets some real food.

I sighed at Niall's thoughts and went over to Louis.

Win, win, win, win. Come one Daniel Sedin, score!

"Yes! Go Canucks!!" Louis yelled as he stood up with his arms in the air. Both Harry and I looked over to him but Louis didn't bother to meet our gaze as he automatically sat back down onto the couch. Liam began to walk down the hall with two empty plates in his hands, he looked pretty upset.

I can't believe Harry used some of my magic healing cream and my ace bandages. I don't want to go to the magic stream again and beg to those dwarfs for some more.

"Harry, how would you like to go on an adventure with me." I asked. He gave me a confused look.

"What do you mean?" He answered with a question.

"I mean, since you owe Liam some of those medical stuff, why not get some now." I suggested. I watched him stare at the ground.He had this unreadable expression on his face. 

H a r r y

"I mean, since you owe Liam some of those medical stuff, why not get some now."  he suggested. How does he know? Probably he overheard what Liam and I were arguing yesterday. But he wasn't here yesterday when it happened.

"How did you know?" I asked. He mumbled something under his breath.

"Liam kept talking about it." He replied. I peered over to Liam who was working on something in his lab, with that frown on his face.

That selfish bastard, always asking for pity.

An adventure, right now. I'm up for some fights and discovering new things but.... its too far away. That magic stream is like over the other side of dark section of the forest. The dark section as in, entering the wolves territory. What if Charmine is roaming around that side of the forest. If anything had happened to her, I don't know what else to do with my life. If I agree, I wouldn't call this adventure, an adventure to get some supplies for Liam. I would call it an adventure to find Charmine.

When Lillia and I were outside talking, we heard something inside the shack. It couldn't have been something that was trapped in there at night. Did James already decided to send spy's around here. I might have to check later.

"Sure ok, but first lets stop by at the lake." I said. Zayn's expression went surprised and shock, something I have never seen from the guy before.

"Wha- why?" He asked. I could see that he was panicking, as in if he was hiding something at the lake. It looked like it was important, something that I might have to question. I needed to go te lake, I left my notebook there. Sometimes when I feel alone and bothered because of my problems, I would take a dip there. I kinda left some stuff there last time and since we are going to go out, I need to bring my notebook.

"I left my notebook there. Is there something you want to tell me?" I asked him. He shook his head no and I slapped myself mentally for letting the situation go.

I went outside and let the cold wind blow. Zayn told me he was going to get something in his room before we go. I looked around and I couldn't stop myself from looking at what was inside the shack. It was really bothering me and from what I heard from this morning, it sounded like something or someone was in there. 

I walked over to the small brown shack and stood in front of it. I placed my hand on the handle and began to turn in just a bit. As The door began to creak, I started to smell something delightful and flowery. Something I had smelled before. What surprises me it wasn't any other smell. It was the smell of a human with a blood type AB. Then my eyes gave me a flashback.

"Hello! Please someone help me." I heard a girl cry out.

"Hello?" She called out.

That voice, that accent. I realized that it was Charmine's blood. Shes been here. She was right here when Lillia and I were talking out here. 

"Damn it." I shouted as my fist met with the cold wood. I let her escape again. Why would she come back here? Was she looking for me? Of course she wasn't lookin for me, she just encountered me earlier. I walked away from the shack that had Charmine's scent and began to sniff the air, looking for Charmine's scent. I can smell it, she is not far from here.

"Harry, are you ok. I heard you yelling so I thought...." He suddenly stopped his words as he eyed the shack and back at me. He must know about Charmine. He has been hiding it from me the whole time, about everything, he created a diversion this morning about Lillia's phone ringing and him wanting to talk to me. He helped Charmine escape. I walked up to him and as my veins began to pop. I grabbed him by the neck and found myself already choking him against the wall.

"You lied to me Zayn." I whispered. His eyes looked threatened. I could already see blood coming out from his mouth and I instantly regretted about doing this to him. I slightly loosed my grip on his neck but I kept my hands there.

"So you know about her." He mumbled. he had expression what so ever. I know Zayn is my friend but right now, he is pissing me off.

"Yes I fucking know about her. I was the first fucking person she met when she fucking arrived here." I explained. 

"You thought your the first one to encounter her didn't you." I smirked at him. Its wasn't just a smirk, it was pure evil that was coming out of my mouth. I didn't know why I cared about Charmine so much. The first time I ever saw her, she looked like angel, an angel that makes me feel like me again back then when I was human. A boy having fun, was loved by his parents. A boy having a reason to live. He didn't answer me. I could see him holding back his anger.

"Answer me!" I yelled at his face. My fist ready to meet his cheek.

"What's going on out here." Liam shouted as he walked outside. Liam's eyes widened as he takes full view of what was happening. Niall and Louis also come outside along with Liam making me smile madly.

"Zayn thinks he is the only one who knows about Charmine!" I accused as I lifted Zayn higher. His hands were both gripped on my hand trying to hold himself up so he wouldn't feel the pain of choking.

"Harry, put him down! Your going to kill him." Liam protested. I didn't listened to him, I only made my hand grip his neck harder. I could hear Zayn groan for the lack of air he was experiencing. Why wont he fight me.

"I bet Charmine wouldn't fucking mind if I actually did!!" I screamed at his face, he winced a bit at my words why I really didn't care.

"Harry!" Liam begged purposely as Niall and Louis watched.

"Fuck! Fine!" I shouted as I dropped him at the ground. 

"You shouldn't have thought about this before keeping Charmine a secret to us." I yelled at him, as he began to pant for air. Niall ran over to Zayn as he looked up to me. I don't care if they are mad at me for doing this but, he had to keep Charmine away from me. I have to find her, Zayn might actually know were she is but who cares about Zayn, I don't need him to help me find my human.... friend. As I ran into the forest and stopped over to a giant tree, I began to sniff the air again for her scent. 

I couldn't really smell her now since these giant trees are blocking it, so I continued to run. I ran and ran, until I was in the middle of nowhere. All these problems, all these headaches, I didn't know what else to do. I collapsed onto the ground and leaned myself against a tree. I began to close my eyes and try to think calmly. There was a beautiful sound coming from the lake.

It was relaxing, calm, soothing, and alluring. I had never heard this sound before in all of my years, living in this forest. I stood up and started to walk to the lake. Once I had gotten to the lake, the graceful music stopped. I eyed my notebook that was on the ground and picked it up. For the first time ever, I found myself sniffing my notebook for some reason. When I realize the same smell that I confronted at the shack. I looked around. Until I called out.

"Charmine." My voice cracked a bit as I let the name slip down my tongue. I looked around, hoping that she would appear, but only the sounds of footsteps. Until she was there right in front of me beautifully.

I finally found her.* my thoughts rang as my problems and my headaches went away.


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