Stained Pure Red || Harry Styles and Selena Gomez

Charmine Zarina was any other normal girl. She goes to school, perfect grades, a life that she would never regret ever. One day, her parents confessed about everything she used to be in the past. That explains why her parents were acting very odd in the past few days. Her birthday was coming up and she was turning 18 years old, she thought that investigating about the truth would be a great birthday present for her. Later on, many things began to happen in sudden notice. She came home very late from the library, was cornered by a group of nasty boys that wanted her for assault, and ran into a forest that was on lock down for some horrible purpose.

What happens when Charmine meets the same person she met along time ago that was found missing? Would she find out the truth about her history? But most of all, will she fall for the boy that wasn't himself long ago and was recalled as a kidnapper?

Fanfiction about Harry Styles and Selena Gomez
"Only A Vampire Can Love You Endlessly


8. Chapter Seven

H a r r y


I need some time to think, everything that I had planned in the past in ruin. When I see him, I'll kill him. Drogan. I walked farther and farther into the woods until I made it to Jones Park, my old childhood playground. I remembered my mom well my fake mom would always take me here. I wasn't called Harry back then, my fake name was Hazza. I do know what love is, well a little bit actually. I never had felt it lively before, I mean fully. Vampires also have to find mates too but I wouldn't expect to find one. I never had a crush on a girl nor had a girlfriend back then when I was still human. Was I suppose to though?

I was disturbed from my thoughts when I began to hear crying and yelling. I could hear heavy footsteps near where I am in. The only mysterious thing about it was that I could smell something sweet, like blood. I began to walk to where the smell was until I had recognized it, it smells so familiar even though I couldn't even put my finger on it.

"Hello! Please someone help me." I heard a girl cry out. I sniffled the air again until I realize its a human scent. The blood. Smells like one of the type of blood that any vampire would want to get there hands on, type AB. I began to run through the forest for the human, as I passed through the tall trees. I found a trail of wolves running down the path that leaded to the girl. Oh No, shes bait. I began to follow the wolves without being seen. Once I had found her, I could see she was hurt.

"Hello?" She called out. She held onto her ankle which I think is broken. I began to hear the growls from the wolves, must be one of Ed's clan. I went over to a much bigger tree which had a better view then the other on I was in. I glanced over to the girl, she was beautiful. Nothing I had ever seen. I once had been interrupted when the wolves had shown themselves, the fear in her eyes tells me that she thinks this is her end.

"Please don't hurt me." She begged to them. None of them spoke, of course. Code #23 Never talk to a human even though they know you and you know them. That's the wolf code right, us vampires that code doesn't affect us. I watched her crawl backwards until she had finally touched the tree behind her.

The wolves came closer and closer, I couldn't bare to watch. I step out of the darkness and ran into one of them. I threw, grab, slash, and ripped there heads off. Ed wouldn't be surprised about this especially when I did this in front of him already. The remaining of the wolves just stood there and ran away whimpering, I wouldn't let them do that but I couldn't. There was a girl right there in front of me whom I just saved. She opened her eyes slightly but she closed them rapidly. I ran up to her, shes cold. I picked her up from my arms and I ran fast back to the Facility. The woods isn't safe at night, especially to a human.

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C h a r m i n e

It's already have been 3 hours and I have found nothing. I have been here since 3:30 PM. I know I shouldn't have gone earlier but I went to school for a little while and then I kinda ditched. At least I got today's homework for tomorrow and a little time for me to study for my exams. I got onto the computer and typed it my real name.

'Celestine Rose Cervantes' I punched in search and waited for Google to do its thing. I have received so many links and information but not any of them were what I was looking for. As I scrolled down, I found no luck. Damn it! How can I find my history.

"Excuse me miss." I heard a voice behind me, I turned around to find the librarian with a cart full of books.

"I'm sorry to say this but were closing in 5 minutes." She said politely. I nodded my head as I closed the browser.

"Thank you, I'll be out soon." I said. She smiled at me before she could go. As I grabbed my things, i stood up. I looked around the room finding nobody but me, I guess I have the whole library to myself. Yay! I peered over to the clock and found out it is almost 7 o'clock. Shoot. I promise my mom I would be home for dinner. I fast walked out of the library and met the cold breeze. Its already dark outside which made my feel kind of insecure. I began to walk over to the bus stop and wait, as soon as the bus came. The bus was full. No I won't make it. I decided to ditch the bus and run home.

As I ran, I felt kinda lonely where I am right now. I looked around finding nobody except me. No it can't be. I lifted my arms and sniffled my armpits just to check if I did put my deodorant this morning. Yup I did, its clear its not me. I smiled as I turned around finding a man in front of me. I turned around finding another man in front of me. You got to be kidding me.

"Hey there sweet cheeks, why are you out here alone by yourself?" The man with a headband on said. I felt like crying right now but no, Charmine be strong your brave. Right?

"Leave me alone, I got somewhere else to be instead of hanging out with you." I spat. I walked past him but he blocked me.

"Ooo feisty. I like it. Shes mine boys." He said to his friend. Oh boy this is not good. I looked both ways to make sure if this is safe.

"Sam!" I shouted pointing at a empty distance. When they all looked over there, I stomped on one of there foots receiving a painful look from there faces. I made a run for it down the street. Please don't fall, please don't fall, oh you fell. Wait I didn't. I continued my way down the street, I could hear the footsteps behind me and deep breathing. Once I made it down the street, I was cornered. The only choice I have is get cornered or enter Jones Park.

"Screw this, I'm going to Jones." I whispered to myself. I ran into the woods and started dodging the trees. I could hear no more footsteps behind me which made me grateful. I had stopped running but then realized I'm lost. I continued to walk into the forest, not knowing where is out. I reached over to my side to get my phone until I also realized that my backpack is gone, along with my phone. I must have dropped it when I ran. This is not good.

"Hello? Anybody out There?" I yelled out weakly. I ran farther trying to find a beam of light. As I ran, I stumbled upon a twig and tripped over making a thud sound. I winced in pain, as I held onto my  left ankle tightly. Here I am, let alone beside a old colossal tree and my clothes torn.

"Hello! Please Someone Help Me." I yelled again. I tear had escaped from my eye falling down to my chin. I started to shiver as the night goes by. I looked around, I couldn't go further. I didn't know what else to do but hope for somebody to come. I began to cry letting my tears fall until I couldn't cry anymore. I shouldn't had left home, I shouldn't let my anger go loose. I heard a growl from the distance, it sounded raspy but deadly. I whimpered in fear, still holding on to my broken ankle.

"Hello....." I cried out softly. The growl came echoing again. I shifted myself to get a better view until I found a pair of yellow eyes starring at me. I began to shiver uncontrollably. The yellow eyes came closer and closer until its full transformation was shown. I came upon to see, four angry but hungry wolves. My face was unpredictable as I crawled backwards.

"Please don't hurt me." I begged but I knew they wouldn't do that. I was fresh meat to them. I couldn't cry right now for my fear was being piled up. They growled again but louder. As They were about seven inches from me, I gasp as I felt a painful scratch on my arm. Closing my eyes tightly waiting for the pain to be visible, until it never came. I began to hear whimpers, growls, and thuds. I was too afraid to open my eyes. The sounds had disappeared.

'Open you eyes now'

I heard my conscious whisper to me. I nodded my head slowly and took a deep breath. I slowly opened my eyes to find a tall figure that was a shape of a human. He just saved me. I glanced around to find the four dead bodies of the wolves. He came forward to me slowly. I tried to say something but I felt a slight dizziness in my head until I fell unconscious.


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