Stained Pure Red || Harry Styles and Selena Gomez

Charmine Zarina was any other normal girl. She goes to school, perfect grades, a life that she would never regret ever. One day, her parents confessed about everything she used to be in the past. That explains why her parents were acting very odd in the past few days. Her birthday was coming up and she was turning 18 years old, she thought that investigating about the truth would be a great birthday present for her. Later on, many things began to happen in sudden notice. She came home very late from the library, was cornered by a group of nasty boys that wanted her for assault, and ran into a forest that was on lock down for some horrible purpose.

What happens when Charmine meets the same person she met along time ago that was found missing? Would she find out the truth about her history? But most of all, will she fall for the boy that wasn't himself long ago and was recalled as a kidnapper?

Fanfiction about Harry Styles and Selena Gomez
"Only A Vampire Can Love You Endlessly


6. Chapter Five

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C h a r m i n e

I woke up from the sound of my alarm clock. I quickly shut it off and gave myself a few minutes to rest for while. Ah ponies, chocolate fountains, missing people, Jones Park, Parents.

"Mom and dad. Where's my mom and dad?!" I yelled as I sat up from my bed rapidly still with my eyes close.

"Come on Charmine, you'll be late for school." My dad shouted from the bathroom. I began frightened and fell of my bed. Shoot! Why affect me now, clumsy God. I moved the blankets off the floor and placed it back onto my bed before I could go to the washroom to take a shower. Jones Park, my real parents. That combination feels like my parents disappeared from the woods. They would't do that right I mean, vampires, ghosts, fairies, and wolves don't exist right?

I locked my door before I could strip down and enter the shower. I feel light headed if that makes any sense, what are my parents hiding. Did what they explain to me last night is really true. I might have to do some research at the library today, that means I have to cut school. Well just for today, they won't even notice I am there. After I was done with my shower, I quickly got out and wiped myself with my clean towel. I buckled the towel securely on my body before I could go back into my room. 

I walked over to my closet and picked out my outfit for today. I decided to wear my blue jeans and my green polo shirt. I removed my towel and applied the clothes that I had picked out. Once I had finished, I dried my hair and applied my makeup.

"Charmine! Breakfast is ready!" My mom yelled out from the kitchen.

"Coming!" I shouted back. I grabbed my bag and my phone and closed my door. I ran downstairs and found my dad putting his shoes on and my mom on the dinner table. I walked over to the table and sat down beside my mom, grabbing the cereal box.

"I'm going to work now." My dad said as he unlocked the front door and opened it, letting the fresh air come into the house.

"Ok Bye Honey." 

"Bye dad." I said as he waved goodbye.

"Bye Charmine, bye Madison. Love you." My dad said as he finally closed the door, killing the source of the cold air. I sighed as I took a scoop of cereal.

"Charmine...." My mom started off. I placed my spoon back into the bowel and wiped my mouth with my napkin.

"Mom can I ask you something?" I asked. She nodded her head as she drank her mango juice. I love mango.

"Can I skip school today." I said. She gave me a look and placed her cup down.


"Because I want to do some research at the library about my parents." I explained. She smiled at me but it soon faded.

"Charmine, I don't think this is a good idea." She finally said. I frowned at her statement.

"Please mom, this is the time I can find some information about them. If they are alive or not, I need to know why they left me." I said. She stared down to her plate, I could hear her take a deep breath.

"Fine but come home as soon as your done." She agreed. I smiled at her as I gave her a big hug. She giggled as I pulled away.

"Thank you so much mom. Your the best mom I ever had." I said as I gave her a kiss on the check. 

"I'm so glad that you did came to our life." She sighed out. I peered over to the clock and removed myself out of my mom's grip.

"I got to go now. I'll see you before dinner." I vowed to her. She nodded at me as I grabbed my backpack and head for the door.

"Be safe honey." she said. I nodded at her and waved goodbye. I finally exited the door and went down the stairs. I made my way to the bus stop and waited.

Don't worry mom, I'll be home once I had uncovered the secret.

L i a m

"We still can't find him Liam. We searched everywhere." Louis complained. Where could Harry be? He couldn't have gone far unless...

"Niall! Can you try sending a mind message to Harry." I asked him. He nodded. I watched Niall close his eyes and go into a deep thought. Once I heard Niall took a deep breath, I knew my plan had worked.

"I can't Liam. The signal to Harry's brain is blocked." Niall explained worried. I smiled.

"Then that's were he is." I said. They looked all confused and concerned. Especially Zayn.

"What do you mean?" Zayn asked. I went over to the coat rack and grabbed my jacket. As I placed it on, I spoke.

"Harry's at the Plasma Tower." I mumbled. I guess they heard me as they headed for the door. I followed them as they all gathered outside.

This is going to be a long search.

H a r r y

As I followed the scent of Lillia. I ended up walking towards the fields of the Plasma Tower. The area were the vampire council first started. I walked up to the gate and buzzed the speaker.

"Hello?" I heard somebody speak through the speaker.

"This is Harry Styles from the PT group One Direction. I ask for entrance to meet Clarity Sierra." I spoke back. 

"She is not in today but I may transform you to Serena Sierra, Clarity's sister." He said. Really shes not here today, she always in for work every time I visit.

"Sure." I said. I heard a bell ding as the front gates opened for me. I walked inside to the gardens, I glanced over at the statues that were made for the people who had earned there respect and trust. As I pasted by one of the guards, I came across my dads statue. He was the leader of the Vampire Army, until he died by a strike in the heart after defeating the leader of the pack, the wolves. 

"I miss him too." I heard a voice ring. I turned my body to the side and found Serena standing right beside me. I smiled at her.

"Yeah he was a great guy." I mumbled. 

"What do you need Mr. Styles?" She asked. I placed my hands into my pockets and pulled out a piece of paper. I snatched it from the analyzer in the lab after Liam had used it. I didn't really see the finishing DNA but I just needed the note as evidence. I passed over to her and watched her as she read it.

"Somebody has taken a girl from us that we needed very much. It involves with the legend about the Princesses of the Seasons. Her scent leads her to here and I was hoping if you had seen her." I asked. She looked up to me with eyes wide open. Her mouth was parted a bit but not that much.

"No I haven't seen a girl here, she must be human. If she is then we couldn't have seen her, she could have been a great snack for all of us." She said harshly as gave the note back to me, more then shoving it onto my chest. I began to get furious as I pushed her against the wall, using all of my force.

"Never talk about Lillia like that, she is not used for food. We actually need her in order for us to survive. The vampire race is about 52% alive. Half of us is gone because of that stupid idea that O'connel had came up with. He may think that we have this advantage over the Wolves but we don't." I explained to her in my seduce voice. I can feel her shiver. She lifted her mouth a bit showing off her fangs but I wasn't scared or convinced. I let go of her and walked away. I exited out of the garden and headed out to the other side of the tower. Her scent was stronger than ever over here, as I walked forward to the back door, I could hear mumbling.

"Please don't." I heard a girl's voice beg. I looked over to the window and found her, she was tied onto a chair and her hair and clothes were messed up. I could see a masked figure inside but I couldn't see his face clearly, he was wearing a black mask that only the soldiers could have. I walked closer to the window to get a better view but then I heard a twig snap. Shoot. The black masked man turned around to my direction but lucky me, I ducked before he could even see me.

"I expect you to be ready for it." The man said in a low husky voice and left the room. I stood up slowly trying to see if he left and he did. I looked around to see if the coast was clear until I was tapped onto the shoulder. I turned around, finding my hand on that persons neck. Choking them, until I found out that I was choking Niall.

"Harry..." he breathed out. I quickly let go of him and watched him fall down. Once he got back up, I let a hand print on his neck. Sometimes I wish I didn't have that strong grip that I got from my father.

"Sorry Niall. I thought you were somebody else." I sighed out. He nodded but gave me a confused look.

"Who else would it be?" He asked. Before I could explain, I heard somebody call out my name. I turned my head finding Liam running to me along with the others. Louis and Zayn.

"Harry!." Liam called out. I quickly shh him, he is being too loud. I don't want us to get caught because of that.

"Sorry. I got to tell you something very important." He said. I tilted my head a bit as he gave me a list from the lab. He must have printed it out. 

"Its the DNA from the lab." He whispered. I read the paper that seems to be one of the pointers of each DNA. Once I have gotten to the bottom of the page, it said 'DNA Results: Drogan Malice'.

"Drogan Malice is the one who is responsible for this." Liam ended. I can't believe. My own Uncle, he isn't actually my uncle but he is like a family to me. After my parents had left me. He was one of the soldiers in the Vampire Army, that explains it. The man inside that was talking to Lillia, he was wearing a black mask that only a soldier could wear or even have.

"Then that's it. Lillia...... She's inside the Plasma tower." I mentioned. The had blank facial expressions on there face. I could feel my eyes burning with tears but I covered it up with a deadly smirk showing my revenge.

The Game Has Just Began.

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