Stained Pure Red || Harry Styles and Selena Gomez

Charmine Zarina was any other normal girl. She goes to school, perfect grades, a life that she would never regret ever. One day, her parents confessed about everything she used to be in the past. That explains why her parents were acting very odd in the past few days. Her birthday was coming up and she was turning 18 years old, she thought that investigating about the truth would be a great birthday present for her. Later on, many things began to happen in sudden notice. She came home very late from the library, was cornered by a group of nasty boys that wanted her for assault, and ran into a forest that was on lock down for some horrible purpose.

What happens when Charmine meets the same person she met along time ago that was found missing? Would she find out the truth about her history? But most of all, will she fall for the boy that wasn't himself long ago and was recalled as a kidnapper?

Fanfiction about Harry Styles and Selena Gomez
"Only A Vampire Can Love You Endlessly


12. Chapter Eleven

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H a r r y

                   As I opened the door and walked into the room. I found Louis on the couch drinking a bottle of blood and Lillia watching some T.V.

"Harry!" She shouted in glee as she stood up and ran towards me follow by a hug. I could smell fresh strawberries from her hair. I wrapped my arm around her as I pulled her back. Her eyes seems to have gotten a bit wet for some reason.

"What happened? Did something bad happened?" She reassured. Something tells me in her voice that she was really serious about this.

"Nothing happened, I promise." I vowed her. She smiled as she grabbed both of my hands into hers and started to swing back and forth.

"Good." She whispered as Louis began to laugh. I gave him a glare as he stood up from the couch approaching to Lillia and I.

"Ok you too love birds, that's enough flirting." Louis chuckled, along with Niall. I peered over to Lillia who had a innocent smile as she backed away from me slowly. 

"We need to talk Harry." Louis said while he grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the corner of the room. I was already feeling a bit nauseous about where this conversation was going. His eyebrows were lifted high and his lips were pursued into a thin line.

"So, what just happened a few hours ago?" He asked. I knew it, my heart began to race as I thought of something quick. Should I lie to him?

"What do you mean?" I asked him, acting like I didn't know anything. Louis laughed bitterly as his laugh began to get smaller and smaller.

"Harry. You know what I'm talking about, you really can't get past through me with that silly act of yours." He warned playfully. I stood there with no expression, not even a blink from the eye.

"Louis, I really don't know what your talking about. Maybe I wasn't there." I assured.

"Wasn't there? Harry I saw you with both my eyes, even when I'm in attack mode, I can still recognize my best pal." He fought back.

"Look, I might have been sleep walking that time. You already know that I am a deep sleeper, especially from a fight." I said a bit harsh as I tried to keep everything calm. Louis face began to leave the playful side as his face began to redden.

"Harry." He sternly warned the second time. What do I got to lose, Liam is already on it and Louis was there so it couldn't hurt to have three people know about my mistake right.

"Fine. You know that you saw a human girl on my bedroom right?" I groan. He nodded as I continued.

"Well, I found her in the forest hurt and was crowded with one of Ed's pals. I couldn't risk letting her die like that so I took care of her until she got better, then you came and she got away." I explained. By the look of his face, I knew Louis was in shock.

"Wait, if she was hurt. How did she get better. Did she break any bones or something?" He asked. I shrugged.

"She broke her ankle that very night so, I borrowed some of Liam's magic healing cream and some ace bandages." I said. He nodded as his mouth began to part.

"But you cannot tell anybody else about this, especially to the vampire Council and Niall and Zayn." I added before he could complain. As He nodded hs lightly again, I turned around finding a Niall frozen in time, staring at Louis and I. I quickly brought my hands up and shook them, gesturing No.

"Niall, this is not what you think buddy." I said as I walked closer to him, making sure he wouldn't do anything. Until he brought his right hand up into the air and placed his index finger on the side on his head. Uh oh. From the kitchen, I could hear something fall down and break. Some sort of glass I think. I began to panic as I watched Liam yell out.

"Harry!! You Used Some of my Magic Healing Cream and my Ace Bandages Without Me Knowing?!?!?" Liam yelled from the kitchen. I sighed as I brought my hands down to my side.

"You know, I really hate it when you do that." I told Niall, as he was still frozen. Niall read my mind, just great.

C h a r m i n e

I walked over to a mirror and looked at myself. I furrowed my eyebrows. That's it, I need to take a shower. I grunted as I walked outside the hut. I looked around, there must be some lake or river here somewhere. I continued to walk around the area, passing tall trees and poison bushes. I peered down at the clothes I was wearing, I was still wearing this brown leather coat that Niall had forced me to put on. But why? What's the use? Why is everything so difficult these days. As I began to wonder, i found myself where the clear water rushes and the frogs silently croak. 

"Water, Water!" I shouted in excitement. Finally water, I need water. I ran over to a small lake and ran my hand through the water. Maybe its time for me to get myself clean especially since there was a lot of things going on since yesterday.

I looked around my surroundings before I could make my decision. Maybe I shouldn't, but I really need to. I smell like a rotten pizza left in a locker. I sighed as I slid the brown jacket off of me and unzipped my blue jeans off. As I took off the rest of my clothes, I used my green polo shirt to cover myself as I lower myself into the lake. I looked down onto the water, I wasn't able to see my body making me feel as if I was swimming in dirty water. The lake wasn't deep nor shallow, which I was glad off. I organized my clothes to one side were I could keep my eye on so nobody would take them.

I placed my hair into a high bun and began to pour water over my uncleanest skin. The feeling of the water felt calm and relaxing although it was kinda cold and non-transparent. I'm now starting to feel scared now since I just discovered that there are vampires around me, but I just couldn't see them. I wonder whats happening to them, my parents. Are they searching for me? Are they regretting to tell me that there weren't my real parents? My thoughts were disturbed as I began to hear footstep from a far. It's a vampire. I couldn't see them but I could hear them, they are coming this way. Charmine, don't panic. I'm panicking!?!?

I tossed some of my clothes over to the giant log and quickly pushed myself underwater as I pinched my nose, hard. I could see shadows above me, it was a man wearing a black batman shirt. I watched him stare at the water, please he doesn't see me. I was afraid he would investigate me clothes once I saw him eyes something near the log. He picked up my green polo shirt and then my red lace bra. Oh boy. I could feel myself sweating even though I was underwater. I can't breathe, I really can't breathe. But if he sees me, he would drink my blood and kill me. I felt like my face was growing red as I began to swallow a bit of water, then that's when I instantly burst up. 

Water droplets flying everywhere as my eyes met his. The only thing I haven't really notice was his left arm, it was covered in tattoos. His eyes was still on me, probably trying to see how delicious I look right now since I'm naked. I heard something plopped onto the water as I turned around, it was my hair tie. My hair began to slowly fall down showing its wet curly ends. Um.

"Hi." I heard the man say. I couldn't say a word, I was afraid. I just stared at him as i watched him find his words.

"I think these belong to you." He drew my clothes closer to me, starting with my bra. I didn't dare to move or anything at all. I was still beyond afraid. Why isn't he attacking? does he know I'm human? Of course he knows I'm human, he just smelled my clothes. I nodded. I watched him place down my clothes and pushed his hands into his pocket.

"So what's a beautiful girl doing in a lake?"

"Naked." I heard him mumble to himself. I fiddled with my fingers underwater trying to find my words. I didn't want to answer his question although he did call me beautiful. I blushed a bit but not to much, I don't know him and he is a stranger to me.

"Would you mind?" I whispered silently. His eyes were still darted at me which made me feel very uncomfortable. Until he shook his head and came back into reality.

"Oh um yeah sure. Do you want a towel?" He asked politely. I nodded with a bit of a smile. 

"I'll be back. Don't um, don't leave." He assured as he ran. What was that, that was something. None other then awkward conversations a exchanging stares. Before I could wait for like 1 minute, I found the man right in front of me with a long white towel.

"Here." He said as he passed the towel over to me. I bended my knees down as I accepted the towel. If I hadn't bended my knees, my breast wouldn't have been showing when I lift up my arms. I replied with a small thank you and waited for him to turn around or leave but he just only stood there watching me.

"Um." I spoke softly as I waved my index finger around. 

"Oh." He chuckled as he turned around.

"Don't peak please." I said as I gently stood up all the way and swiftly wrapped the towel around myself and secured it.

"Don't worry, I won't." He laughed. I smiled at the situation I was in. This man, young man wasn't doing anything cruel lately at all. I thought it was the end of me once I saw him, yelling screaming my lungs out but instead I was just smiling and him. 

"So what were you doing here?" He repeated the question again. I clasped my bra on and pulled my pantie up.

"I was dirty and I didn't know what else to do." I answered after I buttoned up my green polo and my blue jeans which seems to be the colour dark blue now.

"No I mean, why are you here. As in, in this part of the forest. You shouldn't be hear, especially for.... nevermind." He ended at mid-sentence. He was about to say especially for a human, I know he did. He knows I'm a human then.

"I was lost, I didn't know how to get home, I've been here since yesterday." I explained.

"Oh you can turn around now." I added as I softly stroked my wet hair against the towel. He sighed as he looked at the ground.

"Did you have anything to eat?" he questioned. His eyes were soft and his body looked really calm and relaxed. 

"Yeah just a taco and a glass of water from... yesterday." I half lied. If I had told this stranger I had ate this morning, he wouldn't have asked were I got it and I really didn't want to fall into that topic. He nodded. I walked closer to me and smiled.

"Here, you should come with me. I won't hurt you, promise." He vowed as he placed his hand behind my wet back. I didn't want to come with him for I was afraid of what was going to happen next.

"By the way, my name is Zayn." He greeted.

"My name is Charmaine, nice to meet you." I smiled. I knew half of my smile was fake and half real but I didn't want to be too disrespectful.



Hey everybody, long time no see :) Please don't get mad at me, I have a reason for my absents and probably all fanfiction authors do. Its almost summer and basically, I have a lot to cram on, quizzes, exams, and all that shit but be glad that I did one chapter that basically has (Word of the Day) I don't know 2121 words I guess. I have placed 'This Is Us And Only Us' on Hold and decided to do this book for a while now. Don't get to upset please, I promise I'll get back to that series. I won't leave that book hanging, all of my books :)

*I'll be updating soon in the mean time, keep checking your wattpad account for any updates from me*


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