Stained Pure Red || Harry Styles and Selena Gomez

Charmine Zarina was any other normal girl. She goes to school, perfect grades, a life that she would never regret ever. One day, her parents confessed about everything she used to be in the past. That explains why her parents were acting very odd in the past few days. Her birthday was coming up and she was turning 18 years old, she thought that investigating about the truth would be a great birthday present for her. Later on, many things began to happen in sudden notice. She came home very late from the library, was cornered by a group of nasty boys that wanted her for assault, and ran into a forest that was on lock down for some horrible purpose.

What happens when Charmine meets the same person she met along time ago that was found missing? Would she find out the truth about her history? But most of all, will she fall for the boy that wasn't himself long ago and was recalled as a kidnapper?

Fanfiction about Harry Styles and Selena Gomez
"Only A Vampire Can Love You Endlessly


19. Chapter Eighteen

C h a r m i n e

I woke up in a room filled with darkness, a scent began to linger in my nose as I cuddled the softest pillow I ever felt. Then I remembered what just happened yesterday. It was horrible, I couldn't even bare to think about it even though I wanted too. I was in Harry's room, I didn't really know why he wanted me to sleep in his room. I stared at the blank ceiling, trying to figure out why I chose this path. No cellphone, no internet, no nothing. Not even clothes to start with. I was just wearing a grey shirt that belongs to Harry. It was really big for me and it hangs loosely on my thighs, above my knee cap.

I wasn't wearing anything under other than my undergarments and it felt really weird. I mean, I wouldn't mind wearing this, I just don't want to get his bed dirty, especially when he offered me to sleep on it for the night. I got up and went over to his bathroom, would he mind if use his shower? I glanced over to his shampoo bottles and body wash. Not necessarily for woman but its okay for now.

I went over to the faucet and turned it on as the water came in contact with the hard cold tile. I soon went over and got a clean white towel from the bathroom closet and pushed it aside as I went bare and entered the shower. I was finished and I could smell a strong scent of cologne. Every product that I used had the scent of cologne in it and I was all covered in it. I went over and took the white clean towel and dried myself off. After that, I then wrapped the towel around me and secured it tightly so it would fall off. What should I wear? I really don't want to wear my old clothes, I'll just get dirty again and I don't know how long it hasn't been washed.

I sighed as I peered over to Harry's shirt. Oh well, back to square one. I placed the shirt over my head and It loosely falls down by itself. I looked in the mirror and found my hair all wet and tangled. Its so hard to not have any women utensils around here. I also need to brush my teeth. I groaned.

H a r r y

I couldn't sleep at all. Last night I kept tossing and turning. I groaned as I sat up from the couch. I need to really go to the washroom. As I sleepily went over to my door and turned the knob, I began to here humming and water falling down. Is Charmine taking a shower? But I don't have anything shampoo or conditioner for girls. I smirked softly as I went over to my bed and pulled the covers over me. Her scent was all covered in my pillows and I kinda like it. I then fell asleep with a smile on my face.


"Harry." I heard somebody call my name out. They kept shaking me on the side and it annoyed me a bit.

"Harry.... Wake up." A familiar voice rang in my head and soon I knew it was Charmine. I opened my eyes and smiled at her.

"Morning." I say not too harsh. She smirked at me as she tried not to laugh.

"Wow. Your voice is really low in the morning." She laughed. I sat up and rubbed my eyes as I watched her go in front of the mirror and try to brush her wet hair with her fingers.

"Do you need a hair brush?" I asked her. She looked at me from the mirror.

"No thank you, I got this. Oh and I kind of used the new tooth brush that was under the sink." She said embarrassed.

"That's alright. You needed one anyways." I stood up from the bed and made my way into the washroom to piss and to brush my teeth. Once I was done, I went over to the curtains and hissed as I moved them to the side. I could hear Charmine suck in a breath as she watched me. I then took a moment to pull myself together.

"What did you do? Are you alright?" she questioned concernedly as she went over to me. I squinted my eyes.

"Yeah I'm fine, I do this every morning. You know, vampires aren't really good with sunlight for the first time." I assured. She nodded.

"I got scared for a moment when you did that." She mumbled as she looked at the window. Now I feel sorry for what I had done.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have told you." I apologized. She smiled as she began to ruffle her hair dry. I glanced down at her clothes, she is still wearing my shirt. To be honest, she looks good in it. I could see her every perfection that she hides with her other clothes. She turned around and looked at me.

"Ready for breakfast?" She asked. I nodded as I stood up. She then headed towards the door and I instantly grabbed her hand and brought her back in front of me. She gave me a confused look.

"What?" She questioned. I look down at her outfit. She can't go out there wearing that. The other boys will see, including Zayn. She might be able to borrow some of Lillia's clothes. I think they are the same size.

"You can't go out there wearing that." I advised. She looked down at my shirt and began to tug at the bottom of it. She's so cute.

"Why not, I don't have anything else to wear and my other clothes are dirty." She remarked as she pointed over to her clothes on the sofa chair.

"Wait here." I stated as I walked out of the room, down the hall to Lillia's room. The door was opened and she was right there folding her clothes. I knocked on the opened door an she looked up.

"Oh Morning Harry." She greeted with a smile as she folded the rest of her clothes and placed them on the shelf.

"Morning. Could I ask you a favor?" I asked as I entered the room. She went over to me.

"Sure, what kind of favor?" She said as she went closer to me. She is probably thinking about a different favor because all I need is a pair of jeans and a shirt for Charmine to wear today. Maybe they could both go shopping today this afternoon.

"Uh, Could you lend some clothes for Charmine." I asked. She backed away from me and placed her hands in a pocket, in her jeans.

"She's still here? I thought she left." She pondered. I chuckled.

"leave at five in the morning. Come on Lillia. At least try to be nice to her." I begged. She looked at the ground then nodded.

"I am being nice to her. Anyways, what does she need?" She questioned. What do girls wear. All I know is that girls wear pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts, or a hoodie.

"What ever you think is nice for everyday use." I suggested. She sighed as she began to shuffle around in her closet. Once she has found all the required materials, she folded them and bought them over to me.

"Here. Once she is done with it, tell her to bring it in the laundry room. I'll handle them later." She smiled softly. I smiled back and gave her a hug.

"Thank you Lillia, I promise to return the favor. Anything at all." I say with a cheeky grin. She laughed.

"Don't worry about it at all. I'll notify you when I have something." She stated as I smiled back to her again and left the room back to my room where Charmine is. I knocked on the door and found her looking in the mirror. She didn't even notice me once I had walked over to the bed and place the clothing on top of it. She turned around and walked over to me.

"Here, wear these." She looked the clothes and glanced over to me.

"Where did you get these." She asked. I smiled.

"These are Lillia's, she is letting you borrow these. Don't worry, I didn't steal them." She laughed as she looked at them one more time. She brought the pile of clothing into her hands and looked around.

"Oh you can change in the bathroom if you like." I reminded her. She nodded with a grin. I watched her enter the bathroom and locked the door. I went over to the sofa chair and quickly brought Charmine's old clothes to the wash. Once I came back, I sat down on the edge of the bed waited for Charmine to reveal herself.

C h a r m i n e

I placed the pile of clothes that Lillia lend me on the top of the toilet seat. I sighed. I picked up the first piece of clothing which appears to be a simple white tank top. I looked over to the other clothes and found a pair of dark blue jeggings and a black buttoned jacket. I don't know how these are going to turn out but once I had wore them on, I looked at the mirror and it looked great. I just noticed that the black buttoned jacket appeared to be half cropped which made it look cute. It was also appropriate for the weather since it is cold outside. When I realize that my birthday is almost coming up. I totally forgot about it.

I placed my hand on the lock and unlocked the door. I turned the knob finding Harry sitting on the bed. He looked up at me and smiled.

"All good?" I asked. He nodded as I walked over to the door and out the room. Once I had gone over to the living room, I found Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn.

"Morning guys." I greeted. I was greeted back by all of them until I saw Lillia walking down the hallway. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Wow, my clothes does miracles for you." She complimented. I smiled. She is actually being nice to me. Is she acting or something?

"Thanks." I replied. In the corner of my eyes, I could see Harry putting on his shoes and his jacket. Where is he going.

"Harry where are you going?" I asked. She began to zip his jacket and looked at me.

"I'm taking you out for breakfast." He offered. Really, he actually is. That's really nice of him but isn't he not aloud outside the human world since he actually really cares for blood. I don't mind Niall but Niall cares for human food and Harry well, I don't really know.

"Really, now?" I asked. He nodded as I went over to him and stepped on the door mat. I don't have shoes. I could wear my other shoes but I don't really know where they are. I went back inside and went in search for my shoes causing Harry to go back inside too.

"What are you looking for?" he asked. As I was about to reply, Lillia came over to me with a pair of black flats with a cute bow on top.

"You can borrow these too." She assured. She passed the shoes over to me and I began to speculate. They are so cute and I do believe it fits with my outfit. But the thing is, I wasn't sure if we had the same shoe size. Just hope that it fits.

"Thank you, there very cute." I smiled as I placed them on the ground. I then guided my feet over to them and they fit perfectly. Wow, Lillia and I both have small feet. I began to walk around the room and surprisingly, they were extremely comfortable. Gosh.

"Wow, they fit you." Harry said sarcastically, trying not to laugh. I knew what he was thinking about. Knowing that Lillia and I both have small feet. I went over to him and punched him on the side of his arm, acting like it hurt when I didn't even hit hard. I laughed and he joined in. As we went outside, we waved goodbye and began to walk down the path to the human world.


We just had breakfast at Dennis and I just discovered my favourite pancake house. Harry ordered me this pancake with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries on top of it with whip cream. I asked Harry if he wanted any since I couldn't finish it all but he just didn't like the sound of eating human food. He said it was a like a poison to him, he can't really chew and swallow properly since he has this weird pipe in his throat that only allows raw or liquids. All vampires have it. It was confusing to me since Niall is a vampire and he eats human food.

The reason why was that he is used it to. Basically he forced himself to eat human food everyday and face the pain back then and now he is used to it. Right now, Harry and I thought it as fun to head over to the mall. As we entered the mall called Caite, there were a bunch of boutiques and honestly, i've never been to this mall before.

This mall wasn't really near from my house and I lived far away from here so basically, I have something new to explore.

"Lillia is going to meet us at the food court." Harry rang as he locked his iPhone and placed it in his pocket. Man i miss my phone.

"Wait, shes coming?" I asked surprised. Why would she come? I guess i have to get used to her around now. I mean she did lend me her clothes and I love her for that but, sometimes i feel like she is hiding something from me, maybe everybody.

"Yeah, she is going to help us buy you some new clothes if that's alright with you. I mean, I would do it with you but I don't really have a good sense of fashion in woman's clothes." He truthfully say. I smiled at his honest statement. This is what I like about Harry.

"Yeah I'm okay with it. I'm just surprised she is coming. I just hope she won't go crazy around all of these humans." I hoped. He chuckled. I forward my eyebrows. I didn't say anything funny, did I?

"Don't worry, she used to be a human before." I stopped my tracks and looked at him. Used to be a human? Lillia used to be a human. Have I heard that name before or something. I don't know, maybe I'm just going back to when I was inside that shack. Harry looked at me concerned.

"Charmine, something wrong?" He asked. I looked at him and shook my head.

"Nothing, lets just keep going." I replied as I began to walk faster, which made him lack behind. We passed by some shops that I actually wanted to go in but I couldn't. This was the first time we spoke in silent. Both of us haven't really started a conversation and we were almost near the food court followed by the directory sign.

Once we had made it to the food court, I began to smell something delicious. It must taste really good since I could smell it all the way from the entrance of the food court. Harry noticed my smile when he spoke

"Do you want some corn dogs?" I looked at him shocked. That delicious smell is corn dogs? I never tried one before and I have heard of it, it's just that I don't like the idea of corn and hot dogs mixed together.

"You can smell it too?" I questioned. He nodded.

"Us vampires have a great sense of smell." He answered. How come I can smell it and I am not even a vampire. Maybe its because one of my parents have a really good sense of smell.

"Really you don't mind, I mean, I really don't want you to spend too much money for me." I obligated. He chuckled, and I don't know why. I didn't say anything funny at all.

"Don't worry about the money, Since it's almost lunch, you have every right to eat." He smiled. Okay, if he wants me to eat, then I will eat since I'm kinda interested in eating a corn dog. Once I nodded to him, we began to run over to the nearest place that sells corn dogs.

H a r r y

I was excited, and I didn't know why. Was it because I am having fun with Charmine, or was it because my plan for Charmine to stay was working. I know what I am doing is cruel but I just want her to stay. It feels like I am connected to her, we will never be apart. If we fell apart, I start to feel gloomy, sad, and devastated. I might not be able to go out of my room if she leaves. But all I know is that I should enjoy this day. We met Lillia at an empty table with her phone. I bought Charmine a corn dog and I heard it is now her favourite snack.

We are now at a store called Forever 21 and basically, Lillia and Charmine are out picking earrings. Is this what girls do when they are shopping because they both keep on laughing and giggling. I don't really care, just as long as they get along and don't fight. Once they were finish shopping, they ran over to the cashier and lined up. Lillia didn't really want me to see what she got for Charmine but I didn't really care, oviously I am going to be seeing it later on Charmine.

Everything was bought and we began to walk out of the store. Charmine and Lillia were talking about something that I really didn't know, until my phone began to ring. They both looked at me as I pulled out my phone from my pocket and glanced at the screen. It was Liam. Once I had answered it and place the phone in my ear, I began to hear shuffling, and stuff breaking.

"Hello." I started off.

"Harry, you better come back to the facility quick." Liam alerted.

"Why what's wrong." I spoke harshly, hoping that Lillia and Charmine won't hear. What could possibly be worng at the facility this time.

"Hey don't touch that!" I heard Liam yell as I began to hear him run. Who is he talking to.

"We have a a bunch of fairies entering the area." He spoke as I quickly ended the call. I have to be there right away. People may think that Fairies are graceful and loving, but they aren't. Here in the underworld, fairies are thieves. They trick people to thinking that they are loving and then when the time is right, they would cast this magic to make the item smaller and take it back to there queen. I peered over to the girls and they both had a confused look on there face.

"Uh, I have to go and meet Liam at the facility." I told them. I looked at Charmine who seems to be okay with that.

"Why what's wrong?" Lillia rang. I looked at her, she seems to be disturbed by something and I didn't know why.

"It's nothing, I just want you to stay with Charmine and continue shopping. If you need more money, uh just call me." I assure. She nodded as she gave me a hug. I returned the hug and glance at Charmine for a reaction. She had no reaction, just a beautiful smile plastered on her face.

"You'll be fine okay." I reassured as she nodded. I began to walk away and wave good bye. Hope none of those beast stole anything.

L i l l i a

As Harry began to walk away, I began to walk the other way, leaving Charmine with her shopping bag. I could feel that she is running towards me.

"So, what do you want to do now?" She asked. I sighed with a smirk on me face as I turned around to face her ugly image.

"Nothing." I replied as I turned around again and walked away. She grabbed me shoulder which made me fall back a bit.

"What do you mean nothing." She questioned. Why is she so questionable. I groaned silently.

"Nothing as in, I don't want to do anything with you." I said harshly. I could see the sadness in her eyes, but anger in her cheekbones.

"So all this time, you were faking.weren't you." She whispered aggressively. I smirked at her.

"Hey I had to do something to get Harry to stop begging for me to let you borrow my clothes." I laughed. She was about to slap me but I stopped her by grabbing her arm

"Don't." I whispered to her. She began to struggle, trying to get out of my grip but I didn't let her.

"What does this have to do with Harry anyways." She grunted as I finally let her go. Oh boy, I hope she could stand the real truth.

"Harry, your best friend? We all know that he is just using you so that you wouldn't go back to your parents. I could already sense in the future that he is going to suck your-"

"Stop!" She yelled as she began to run the other way. I chuckled to myself as I began to walk the opposite way from her. Harry wouldn't believe her. I'll just have to make an excuse. I just hope she will stay away from Harry from now on, cause Harry is mine.

C h a r m i n e

I was alone in the food court, gripping on my shopping bags tightly. I wasn't entirely alone, the janitor was here with me. The mall was about to close and I didn't have a ride home. I didn't know what to do and it's probably night time already. I sighed. I had no phone or anything to contact Harry. What if Lillia is right, the reason why he is being so friendly to me is because I'm his meal in the future. Probably I'm a meal to everybody. I shouldn't have trusted him, I shouldn't trust strangers especially vampires. I stood up from my seat and began to exit the mall.

Maybe Harry could be outside or something. I made it outside and I could feel the air clashing with my body. It was a beautiful feeling, but I still had my disorient feeling still inside of me. I waited for 30 minutes for somebody to come for me, but nothing came. Just the sounds of the lights flicking inside the mall, making it appear dark ad empty. It was cold and I lost my hopes.

I then started to walk, trying to figure my way out of this and back home. But the confusing part was, which one was home. With my parents, or with a bunch of vampires. I'm already at war with one and I can't just continue like nothing has happened. I needed to do something eventually, all movies do.

As I continued to walk down the sidewalk, I could already see Jones park peaking for the corner. I sighed. Do I really want to go back, I don't even think that they noticed that I'm gone. Once I made it half way down the sidewalk, I began to hear shouting and crying. I peered over to a certain familiar house. I made myself around the house and peaked inside from a window.

There was a woman and a man shouting at each other. The woman looked like she was crying to death and the man was just shouting at himself. I let a tear fall from my eyes and placed my shopping bag down on the grass.

I think I've made my decision.


Hey everybody! so Chapter Eighteen is the biggest chapter I had made for this book. Basically it's like chapter eighteen, and chapter nineteen. So this is kind of a double update for you all. Thank you to everybody who had commented in my previous chapter. I love you all :)

Sincerely Kayla -kaylaerica16-

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