kidnapped by mr Mailik

As I stumbled down a dark eerie alleyway the street light flickers on and of shivers run down my spine and then in the middle of the night I get a visit from an unexpected man who goes by the name Zayn Malik...and from that night my life changed forever for better or for worse ...


1. the kidnapping


 ~ Harper ~

My name is Harper Price I guess people would describe me as a bit of a bad girl I've been in three different schools in the past year I get excluded from just about everyone and right now I'm in a school called Kingswood high I've been here for nearly two months now and so far I have been in isolation from the first couple of days. I suppose our little gang of friend in this school are me Lexi (14) Bella (14) Jo (14) and Isaac ( 15).We are probably the group that not many people like but we are respected for just being the laid back I suppose naughty ones.


it was pitch black and I was high on drugs I said goodbye to Bella and Isaac and headed home I came to a dark dank alleyway I had never took this route before. Then there it stood long dark dank and menacing it gave me the shivers it was icy cold and uninviting. I took my first few steps and looked up the boarded up  houses graffiti on the walls. The creaking of the gates alone was frightening enough, my breath was heavy and I tried to keep calm as I got half way into the frightening alley a dark silhouette stepped out from the darkness, his smoky breath on the air a cigarette  in his hand. He got closer and I paused in my tracks frozen with fear, him now metre's  away. He had dark hypnotising eyes a raggedy beard soft pink lips he was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans a long black coat. Then he pulled something out his pocket a long thin needle and the last thing I remember is the screeching tyres of a van...


My eye's flickered open and closed adapting to my surrounding's. I stared round the room observing my surrounding's. The light swayed side to side flickering whilst hanging from the roof. I shuffled around on my chair  my arms tied at the back  and my legs tied around the chair legs. "don't try to move !" a dark mysterious voice demanded. I tried to speak my voice squealed , then steps coming closer they echoed round the room. "you !" I squealed recognising the dark figure from the other night. He kneeled down in front of me he had lots of piercings and tattoos all the way up his arms leading onto his chest and neck he moved my long brown hair from my face behind my ears. "oh your pretty !" he smirked. After a while he was followed in by another boy he also had lots of tattoos and a nose and lip piercing. "where did you find this one Zayn ?" he smirked . "she high the little druggie." he smirked. "takes one to know one !" I replied. "oh she's got an attitude as well !" he laughed. "don't get clever!" I think his name was Zayn demanded slapping me across the face." come on harry !" Zayn added leaving and locking a large steel door behind him.

I've got to get out of here but I have no clue how first things first I have to get out of this chair. I saw something shining on the floor, I hopped over to it being as silent as possible I studied the object for a while then I discovered that it was a little metal blade. I turned and fell back cushioning  my fall with my hands to make it silent as possible. I scampered round with my hands then I suddenly found it I picked it up and started to saw at the rope around my left wrist after a little while the rope broke and I cut the remaining rope from my arms and legs. The only thing now was how am I going to get out. Suddenly I heard screaming for a second then it was silenced it sounded like Lexi what have they done to her ... Immediately after I heard steps echoing getting louder and louder and more frequent. If they see this then they will now I've tried to escape they will kill me... I was panicking... My arms where shaking like jaw was trembling . then the steps became silent and  the door handle rocked up and down then in burst Zayn. "are you okay ?" Zayn teased. "What do you think ?" I shot back at him . "What is this !" he screamed looking down and picking up the ropes. " you think we wouldn't notice?" he asked . The room fell silent. "well .. " he demanded  "you tried to escape and do you know what happens when people.. how you'd say check out early ?" he asked. "no !" I replies sympathetically. "well let's just say it not good.. " he added raising his hand he had a knife what was he going to do ... I'm going to die . in here. the knife was covered in blood

"LEXI " I exclaimed " what have you done to her !" I screamed...   

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