Best friends with niall horan sequel #2


4. twitter

stephanie pov

i went back to my hotel room and quickly ate my breakfast. after that i checked my twitter.

recently i gained over 900 followers in just 12 minutes. wow just wow. like omg lol jk.

then i was gonna take a nap till i got a call. stephanie- hello? luke hemmings- hi is this stephanie? stephanie- yeah who is this? luke hemmings- this is luke hemmings niall told me to call you because he isnt gonna see you for a year cas eof the tour. btw we re gonna tour with them bye. luke fucking hemmings? niall drove me home the other night then the next two days he ditches me and not gonna see me for 1 year? what a jerkface.

A/N hi im so sorry i was not updating it was because i had to fix the virus on my laptop and it took me months to do but here i am  now.

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