Best friends with niall horan sequel #2


2. niall drives me home


as niall was driving he turned on the radio and their song story of my life came on but at the end of the song niall turned of the radio. niall:your  a pretty good singer at my solo part. Stephanie:thanks not so bad yourself. niall walked me up to my porch. Stephanie: niall I had an amazing night tonight and thanks for paying the check.niall:hehe no problem, so yeah I guess you need to get in your house now. Stephanie: alright bye! niall: see you next week.. I walked in my house but opened the door real quick and gave a small kiss on nialls cheek and I heard him yell yeah buddy. wow that just cracks me up. I went in my room and changed in my pjs. I texted sarah for a little while S FOR SARAH A FOR STEPHANIE

S hey saw you at that date

A yeah u have a job? u never told me I was a bit surprised.

S yeah well u better get to sleep cuz its like 11:30

A well goodnight don't let the bedbugs bite.

S sweet dreams.

A/N hey guys I know I haven't updated in like 3 weeks is because I have school,family problems and blah, so yeah, ugh I have school tomarrow and yeah read the next chapter tommarow.

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