Best friends with niall horan sequel #2


3. breakfest

Stephanie pov

I woke up in the morning in my hotel room. then I jst turned on the tv and tmz came on. tmz guy;i found niall horan and this girl having a date who is this girl? oh geez im on tv. I took a quick shower and wore white skinny jeans a flappy bird shirt, eyeliner mascara and curled my hair. the shoes I wore was red flats. I walked to my car then turned on the radio while driving. heartbreaker girl by 5 sos came up. I went to a mcdonalds drive thru. "hi may I take your order?' me:yeah I wll have the breakfast meal and a latte thankyou." I waited for my order then she handed it to me

AUTHORS NOTE; hey im sorry this was a short chapter but I over slept and woke up at 1:09 AM so im very tired and I have school tommarow.



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