High School Love

This is a story of a girl named Nina she is 17 years old quiet and happy teenager like anyone else. Nina lives with her mom and little sister Lola they live in Pennsylvania but her mom got a new job all the way in California. Nina never thought that she would fall for the jock named Luke. Luke was a 17 year old he was the most popular kid in the whole school. He loved playing football and going to parties with his friends. But once Nina and Luke lay eyes on each other. What would happen? Will Luke date the unpopular new girl? or Would he ditch her for the most popular cheerleader in school named Kelly?


2. Were Here

Were Here!

                 "Wow" As I look out the window of the car I was so amazed by all these houses, stores, and people smiling with their friends. During the car ride to our new city we made a lot of stops to look at all the amazing places we seen. So that meant we had a longer ride than what we were suppose too, but we had a lot of fun.

"Mom, Mom look!" Said Lola with a high pitch voice.

"Yes honey, I see its amazing here and were almost there" Mom said cheerfully

           As my mom turns one last right to our new house. I can see some neighbors outside I see a girl. She looks like she's my age so I smile cause maybe I can make a friend before I go to Panorama the High School that I'm going too its 9-12 so I have this year and next year then I leave for college but I am still not thinking of college because I can wait for next year to pick a college. As I keep thinking and daydreaming my mom yells.


"Oh my God look at this house mom how the hell did you find it" I say because I am looking at the largest house I ever seen and lived in. In the front was a huge door with flowers and beautiful trees.

"Girls get your stuff and lets start unpacking to get ready for your first day of school tomorrow" Mom says

"Ok were going, come on Lola" I told my little sister

            As I walk into the house I was so amazed because our furniture was in the house already placed  nicely. But then I noticed that we have a two story house and I was excited. As I kepted walking there was a glass door in the kitchen and I opened it and there it was a huge pool for us. When I walk back into the house I grab some boxes and took it to my room. My room is huge I loved it already. My room is purple and black with pink curtains. I had my desk in the corner of the room with my lamp and then my guitar was there with my soccer and cheerleading stuff. Everything was perfect I had a bookshelf to put all my books in I was happy now. As I finish up unpacking I look at the clock and seen it was 7pm so that took me about two hours to get everything how I wanted it, then I heard my mom call us and then I ran down stairs cause its dinner time.

"Girls did you finish everything" Mom says

"Yes mom we did" I say while Lola is eating

    After dinner we said our goodnights and went up stairs to get ready for school tomorrow. I went to my bathroom and put my favorite song on by One Direction "Story of My Life". When I finished I hear my other favorite song by Glee called "I Feel Pretty/Un-pretty". I walked back into my room and change into my PJ's which was a pair of shorts and a tank top. Then picked my outfit out for tomorrow I then put the clothes on my desk. My outfit was a  white tank-top with my black leather jacket, red pants, and black boots. After I was done with that I blow dried my hair to have it straight cause I have curly brown hair and brown eyes so I loved it straight. Then I was so tired I just crashed on my bed and set my alarm for 5:30 and thought about how  tomorrow is going to be like.

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