High School Love

This is a story of a girl named Nina she is 17 years old quiet and happy teenager like anyone else. Nina lives with her mom and little sister Lola they live in Pennsylvania but her mom got a new job all the way in California. Nina never thought that she would fall for the jock named Luke. Luke was a 17 year old he was the most popular kid in the whole school. He loved playing football and going to parties with his friends. But once Nina and Luke lay eyes on each other. What would happen? Will Luke date the unpopular new girl? or Would he ditch her for the most popular cheerleader in school named Kelly?


1. The New Beginning

The New Beginning

"Mom, Mom" I screamed so loud that I heard my mom run right into my closed door.

"Yes, dear" my mom said.

I started to cry then my mom came to me and sat next to me on my bed. Before I could answer her I had to look at my old room for one last time and sleep here one more time. I didn't have anything in my room besides my bed because were moving a month ago my mom got offered a new job in California. Its suppose to give us more money and a better job for her. My mom is a single mom with two girls Lola and I. Lola is my 10 year old sister I love her so much I try to do everything and spend every minute with her. Our dad left us when Lola was four he started a new family a wife and two kids he tries to called but I am to scared to talk to a man who left us. I always felted like I did something wrong I hated not having a dad I cried a lot but I knew my baby sis hated it too so I acted as if I was her father because she seen him before but not a lot cause he just left out of no where. But as I look at my mom now I always thought that she was the strongest woman I knew. Then I answered her question.

"Mom I'm scared I am scared because I don't want to change schools. What If they don't like me or I wont make new friends? Mom you have to remember we are going to rich schools and were not rich" I told her with tears running down my face.

"Nina baby girl u will make new friends and people will love you. You just have to be a strong young lady. Now finish packing and get some rest we have to wake up early to start out journey tomorrow morning. I love you and goodnight." My mom told me while she bends to kiss my forehead.

After she left I finished packing my shoes and got ready for bed. I was getting tired so I fell asleep then around 12 O'clock in the morning my sister came in and had a nightmare so she slepted with me that night.


"Wake up, Wake up"

"Uhh who is waking me up this early" I said but I knew it was my little sister because she is jumping on my bed so I grabbed her and tickle her.

"Ok, ok sis I am dying over here please stop" she says while laughing so hard.

"Ok Lilly but if you wake me up again remember you have to pay the price" I said with a evil voice then I ran right to the bathroom to get ready for the day. When I finished, breakfast was already finished cause I can smell my favorite bacon and eggs so I ran down the stairs.

"Morning" my mom said

"Morning to you too" I said cheerfully and finished with my breakfast and after that we finished packing and loaded it on the truck and hoped into the car.

"Ok girls are you ready for our long road trip" Mom said in a high pitch voice so that meant that she was excited. I looked over at Lola because she doesn't like moving and I know that she is sad but we both were but we cracked a smile for mom and I said.

"Yes mom we are more than excited for a 2,334 mile ride, new house, and a new school." I told her with a small smile.

"Ok girls here we go" Mom said

Here we go starting our long ass road trip that I am not that excited for but I know once I get there I am going shopping for new clothes and jewelry.




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