High School Love

This is a story of a girl named Nina she is 17 years old quiet and happy teenager like anyone else. Nina lives with her mom and little sister Lola they live in Pennsylvania but her mom got a new job all the way in California. Nina never thought that she would fall for the jock named Luke. Luke was a 17 year old he was the most popular kid in the whole school. He loved playing football and going to parties with his friends. But once Nina and Luke lay eyes on each other. What would happen? Will Luke date the unpopular new girl? or Would he ditch her for the most popular cheerleader in school named Kelly?


3. The Big Day !!

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I am sorry I didn't update I been very busy with school and sports. I hope u guys keep reading I will try to update quick for u guys. Thanks for reading keep commenting and liking my story.

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The Big Day

                 'The Snow Glows white on the Mountain tonight Not a footprint to be  seen A kingdom of isolation And it looks like I'm the queen'

             "Uhhh" As I hear my alarm go off I get up out of my bed and turned it off. I started to walk to my bathroom to brush my teeth and take a shower but before I got to the bathroom I looked at my phone to see what time it was and it was 5:35 so I had about an hour and a half to get ready for  school. I grab my clothes and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

~A Half an Hour Later ~

                  As I look at my reflection in the mirror I almost started to cry because I was scared to walk into the new school. But I didn't even shed a tear because I told myself that everything will be ok. So after my little talk to myself I started to put my outfit on. After I did that, I looked in the mirror and saw a beautiful girl wearing a white tang-top, with my black leather

jacket, red pants and my black boots. I smiled at my reflection and walked back to my bathroom and did my hair. I straightened my hair and did my make-up and I did my finishing touch by adding pink lip gloss. After I was done I headed down stairs and got breakfast. My mom and sister just got up and started getting ready too. So I started eating my cereal.

"Morning mom and Lola" I said to them.

              "Morning sis and sis can you pour me some cereal I have to finish getting ready." Lola told me while walking away from me.

"Lola what kind of cereal" I yelled

          "Lucky Charms,duh you should know that" She told me with that smart little mouth of hers.

"Hey girls stop yelling your giving me a headache and morning Nina." Mom said to us

"Hey you forgot about me mom" Lola said running to the table to eat her cereal.

            "Oh sorry Lola morning to you too, but girls finish getting ready we have to get to your schools a little early to get paper work for you guys. So that means you got twenty minutes to be finished."

         "Ok mom I am done but I am going to run to my room and get my bag" I told my mom while getting up and walking to the kitchen to put my bowl in to sink and headed to my room. As I looked and looked for my bag I finally found it. So I walked back down stairs.


                  "Mom am I allowed to take my car to school today and I will get my paper work and you can just take Lola to school." I told my mom. I had a red Mustang it was a ford I got it for my 16th birthday I was very happy and thankful. My mom and I saved money for that car. I was so happy that yesterday my mom's friend brought my car. So now I have my beloved car back.

"Ok Nina you can take it but u have to leave now because its 7:30" My mom told me.

"Ok mom I Love You and have a nice first day Lola" I told them and walked over to them and gave them a kiss on the forehead and said my goodbyes and walked outside.

~7:40 am~

The school was about 10 minutes away so now I'm just sitting here thinking. Ok now I see kids walking up to the building. The school looked nice it was a big building that read Panorama High School in big black letters. So its 7:50 now so I better get in there. As I get out of my car I can see people looking, pointing, and whispering. I over heard someone say "Who's that girl." But I ignored them and walked right into the school. I looked for the office because this school was to big inside so I asked someone.

 "Um excuse me but do you guys know where the office is?" I asked two girls by their lockers.

"Well, well this must be the new girl. So you want to know where the office is right." she told me in a harsh manner.

"Yes I would love to know where the office is so do you mind telling me or not."

"Ok I will tell you but first off my name is Kelly and yours."

"My name is Nina but are you going to tell me or not cause I have to go." I told her and her friend. But they started to laugh so I walked away to find it myself.

As I finally get to the office I told them that I was Nina and I was new. So a woman behind the desk told my to wait and seat down, so I did. As I was sitting I heard a loud bell and seen everyone head to their classes.

"Nina come into my office" The principal tells me

I get up and head to her office and sat down on a chair.

"Hello Nina my name is Mrs. Onativia I am your principal. Here are your classes." She says while handing them to me. As I look at my schedule is said.

Period 1-Study Hall-Room 106,Period 2- Math- Room 110,

Period 3- Gym on day B or Music on days A or C, Period 4-Lunch, Period 5- Reading-Room 155,

Period 6- Science-Room 133, and Period7- History-Room 145

"Thank you Mrs. Onativia." I said to her then I got up and said my goodbyes and walked out of her office and into the halls.





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