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2 guys and 1 girl... Sounds like a normal threesome-drama fanction. But what the two bestfriends, Niall and Harry, don't know is that they both like the same girl, Naomi. Harry met her at a party and fell for the wild and free side of her but Niall met her online and fell for the sweet and innocent side of her. And it doesn't stop here, because Naomi don't know that her flirts, Harry and Niall, is best friends..


2. Runaway - to a party?

(Naomi’s P.O.V)

I’m running out of time, where is my runaway love…

The song went through my ears while I sang along. That song is my dream… To run away with my true love… Even though I already know that’s never gonna happen, because I’m stuck here in the most boring part of Cambridge. The most exciting thing that happened around here was when Miss Hamilton was being stalked, and they caught the stalker… Four months ago. As soon as I get out of High School its bye Cambridge and hi fucking London! I walked over to my desk, sat down in the chair, and turned on my computer. I was gonna chat to Niall again, or HoranHunk37 as he called himself on the chatting site. As soon as I logged into my computer I checked if Niall was online, and luckily he was. Me and Niall met in a group chat were we found out we had a lot of common URL friends, and we decided to chat together without the others. Now we are like best friends. We are gonna next weekend, in the mall. I’ve already skyped with him, so I know he’s not a pervert. My mom and the teachers always tell us to keep an eye on who we chat to, and I understand that! I’ve talked to old men before, I know how they act… trying to be all innocent and stuff and then BAYM after only chatting in like 15 minutes, they ask for your Skype. I always say no, because I only wanna Skype after chatting with the person at least two whole days! I clicked on Niall’s chat name, and the chat room popped up. Niall must already have seen I logged in, because he already wrote to me. ‘Hey Naom!’ I saw the words scrolling over the screen, before I quickly answered. ‘Hi Horan’ I answered him, with a smile on my lip. While he answered me again, I chose to look at some clothes for the night. One of my best friends knows all kinds of people, and can get us in at the wildest parties! Last time I met the cutest boy, you can meet at a party. He’s name is Harry and he’s from Cheshire. When we started talking we just clicked you know? Just like with Niall.

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