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2 guys and 1 girl... Sounds like a normal threesome-drama fanction. But what the two bestfriends, Niall and Harry, don't know is that they both like the same girl, Naomi. Harry met her at a party and fell for the wild and free side of her but Niall met her online and fell for the sweet and innocent side of her. And it doesn't stop here, because Naomi don't know that her flirts, Harry and Niall, is best friends..


3. Pump it!

(Naomi’s P.O.V)

I closed my computer, and stood up from my chair. I walked over to the mirror, checking my hair for the last time, and walked out, in the hall. I took my phone I looked at the last message from Niall: ‘One of my friends is going to that party! Have fun (: xx’. I smiled and answered him: ‘Thanks Niall! Talk to you later :) x’. I slipped my phone back into the pouch I had with me. I heard the doorbell ring, and I ran to the door, to see who it was. Of course it was Lydia or Lyd as I call her, cause who could it else be at 9pm? “Hey Lyd, let me just get my shoes and we’re off” I said and went into the laundry room, where we keep the most of our shoes. “I told you too be ready when I got here...” She mumbled. I took my black stilettoes went back out to the hall. I put on the shoes and took my jacket. “Sorry, but I’m ready now!” I said and smiled to her. “Bye mom, bye dad!” I yelled into the living room. “Bye honey, don’t be home way too late” my mom answered. I opened the door and yelled back: “Of course not, but don’t stay up waiting for me!”

There were already a lot of people at the party when Lydia and I got there. It was a big house party, and they let he door be wide open so anyone could get it.  We went into the guestroom to lay our jackets, when I felt someone hugging me from behind. “Hi Naomi” a familiar voice said behind me. “Hey Harry” I answered and turned around. I hugged him back and smiled at him. “Long time, no see” he said and looked over at Lydia. “Hey Lydia” he said with a gorges smile on his lips. They started talking, so I choose to check on Niall. I took my pouch from the pocket of my jacket. It was just big enough to hold my phone. I went in to the chat and typed: ‘I just arrived and said hi to one of my friends… How are you doing? Nao x’. I just had time to put my phone back in the pouch, before Lydia pulled me out of the guestroom. “I’m super thirsty…” she said when we got to the kitchen. I nodded and said: “Me too!” I looked around in the kitchen and saw that Harry followed us. “Can you help me with the keg?” I asked him, with smile, and pointed at the orange keg in the other side of the kitchen. “Sure!” He said and walked over to it and started pumping. I could feel that he already got something to drink, but it didn’t matter. I reached for some red cups on the counter and started pouring. I felt my phone vibrating in the pouch. “Thanks!” I said to Harry when my cup was filled. I pulled out my phone and looked at it. It was a message from Niall: ‘Hey you! Having a great time, alone:P I’m gonna watch a movie and head to bed... Goodnight (: x’ I smiled and answered him quickly: ‘Goodnight Niall <3’. I had taken the first step with Niall… to send hearts to each other was a big step for me, but when Niall is alone and I’m at a big house party it was only fair! I put my phone bag in my pouch and looked up. Lydia was standing across the room, talking to some University boys. Typical Lydia! I felt something grabbing my wrist and I turned around, quickly. “You scared me!” I said to Harry, who had a cheesy smile on his lips.

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