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2 guys and 1 girl... Sounds like a normal threesome-drama fanction. But what the two bestfriends, Niall and Harry, don't know is that they both like the same girl, Naomi. Harry met her at a party and fell for the wild and free side of her but Niall met her online and fell for the sweet and innocent side of her. And it doesn't stop here, because Naomi don't know that her flirts, Harry and Niall, is best friends..


7. #6


(Niall’s P.O.V)

When the cabdriver pulled up beside my house, I paid him and got out of the car. I stood in front of my house a few seconds before I yelled; “HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID” I went inside, where I first met my mom in the hallway. “What’s wrong sweetheart?” She asked me and laid her hand on my shoulder. I threw my jacket onto the floor. “Nothing” I answered and pushed her hand away, before I went, almost ran, upstairs. I got into my room and smacked the door. “Why is it always Harry who gets the girls?” I asked myself before I jumped into bed. Almost every time Harry and I went to a party together, he always ended up with a girl. And this time it wasn’t just any girl… its Naomi, the girl I have been chatting with for the last several months… I really liked her and we were also gonna meet up next weekend in her home town… I really thought I could make a move on her, but now that I know that her and Harry got something together, I would never dare to do something like that… I already saw what Harry did with girls who cheated on him. I couldn’t let that happen to Naomi. But why did she never mention that she had something going on with a guy she met at some party? Maybe she didn’t wanna hurt my feelings?


I woke up the next day, still with the clothes I had on last night. It was Sunday… I always hated Sundays. I checked my phone; I had gotten several texts… From Harry and Naomi. ‘Hey man, are you okay?’ ‘I hope you feel better’ ‘Okay don’t answer, that’s okay with me. See ya!’ All of them were from Harry… I didn’t really feel like checking the ones from Naomi, so I went down to get some breakfast. “Hey honey...” My mom greeted me. “Are you alright? You seemed angry last night, when you got home.” I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. “Yeah, I’m fine.” I answered and took some toast. I went into the living room where I decided to check the messages from Naomi.  ‘Hey Niall, are you okay? You seemed upset… text me please x’ ‘Niall, I was gonna tell you, I just didn’t wanna hurt your feelings’ ‘Okay, I left the party, please talk to me!’ ‘I really like you but Harry’s really sweet as well…’ ‘Niall please don’t shut me out!’ And she even send more than that. I didn’t answer her, because I didn’t know what to answer. I was such a fool! Why didn’t I stay at the party, and make a move on Naomi? I’m such a big idiot! IDIOT! 

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