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2 guys and 1 girl... Sounds like a normal threesome-drama fanction. But what the two bestfriends, Niall and Harry, don't know is that they both like the same girl, Naomi. Harry met her at a party and fell for the wild and free side of her but Niall met her online and fell for the sweet and innocent side of her. And it doesn't stop here, because Naomi don't know that her flirts, Harry and Niall, is best friends..


6. #5

(Harry’s P.O.V)

After being a couple of hours of video games, reality shows and internet surfing, I got bored. “Niall, it’s 9pm, let’s go out’’ I said and stood up from the sofa, grabbed my jacket and threw Niall’s to him. “Go out? Where to?” He asked and looked at me, like I was from outer space. “Crash a party or clubbing… Let’s find some ladies we can hook up with” I answered with a cheesy smile. I opened the door and walked out. “Are you coming?” I yelled into the house. “I don’t know about the last part” He said when he got out the door and locked it. I gently pushed him as a tease. “You got a girl?” I said and laughed. We started walking towards my car. “Not exactly, I just really like her and I don’t wanna hurt her feeling… because I think she likes me to” He said and blushed. “Oh really!?” I said and got into the car. “And what’s her name?” He got into the car and smiled. “I’m not telling you! The only thing you’ll do is to steal her from me.” He said and laughed. “Not if she’s ugly” I said and started the car.

(Naomi’s P.O.V)

I followed Lydia into a big mansion. “Do you even know the host?” I asked while we tried to make our way through the crowd of people. “No… But Harry’s gonna be here, I heard.” My face lid up when she said that. “Then let’s get something to drink” I said and walked towards the kitchen.

After a while I finally saw Harry coming, with another guy, I couldn’t his face. I turned my back against him to pretend I haven’t seen him yet. Suddenly he hugged me from behind and I blushed. “Hey sweetheart” He said and kissed me in my hair. “Hey Harry” I answered him, turned around and hugged him. When we were done hugging I saw the guy he brought, and my smile disappeared. “Oh yeah, this is Niall, my best friend.” Harry said and pointed at Niall… Well Niall wasn’t there anymore; he was on his way out. “Wait here.” Harry said and went after him.

(Harry’s P.O.V)

When we got outside I yelled after him; “Niall! What’s wrong?” He turned around, but kept walking backwards. “I realized how loud the music was… I have a headache” He answered me, but I could hear he was lying. “Do you want me to drive you home then? If so, I need to go tell Naomi?” I asked and pointed, with my thumb, at the house. “No no no. I’ll take a cab” He turned around and took his phone out of his pocket. I got back into the mansion and walked towards Naomi and Lydia. “What was that all about?” Lydia asked and looked towards the door. “I have no idea…” I answered and looked at Naomi, who looked just as sad as Niall. Are they hiding something?

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