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2 guys and 1 girl... Sounds like a normal threesome-drama fanction. But what the two bestfriends, Niall and Harry, don't know is that they both like the same girl, Naomi. Harry met her at a party and fell for the wild and free side of her but Niall met her online and fell for the sweet and innocent side of her. And it doesn't stop here, because Naomi don't know that her flirts, Harry and Niall, is best friends..


5. <3 x


(Naomi’s P.O.V)

I woke up at 12pm, with a hangover. I checked my phone for messages… There was a message from Niall and Harry called a couple of times. He called already at 8am! Apparently he is a morning person, or he just didn’t get as drunk as I thought he was. First I checked the message from Niall. He was just checking up on me: ‘Hey Nao! How was the party? Your Niall xx’ I smiled and answered him quickly: ‘Hey Niall! It was cool… I met some old friends! How was your night? (: x’. Me and Niall never met, but we were gonna change that really soon, because I was going to visit him soon! He lives in the same city as Harry, and it’s not that far away. We didn’t have a date or time on when I was gonna come, but I wanted it to fit so I could visit him and Harry! Maybe they know each other? That would be so awkward if they did.

I walked downstairs and saw my mom in the kitchen. “Good morning mom” I said and opened up the fridge. “It’s barely morning anymore! When did you get home last night?” She asked me. I took out a bottle of juice and put it on the table. “Around 2am I think…” I said and closed the fridge. “I said not to late young lady!” She said, angrily. I sat down and looked at her. “2am is not late!” I said and drank some juice. I got a message on my phone and I checked it quickly. It was from Niall, of course. ‘It was ok… The movie was terrible though! I wish you were here <3’ I smiled really big after reading this message and replied: ‘I wish I was there too… We need to find a weekend, quick! X’.

(Niall’s P.O.V)

‘I will look through my calendar as soon as possible! My friend is here, bye <3 x’. I clicked send and looked at my phone a few moments. I walked out to the front door and opened it. “Niall!” Harry’s voice said, happily! “Hey lad!” I answered him and invited him inside. “How was the party last night? Any girls?” I said with a cheeky smile. He took his brown boots of and his black jacket and laid them where he’s used to lay them. “It was great! Loads of good looking girls…” He said and smiled when he said ‘girls’. I punched him, gently, on the shoulder. “One special girl?” I asked him and he nodded. “She’s really sweet, but lives a few miles from here, so I don’t know if anything is gonna happen between us.” We went up to my room. “Oh, well you almost got yourself a car, and then you can visit her?” He smiled and looked at me. “I guess” he answered. 

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