Jordyn (or J) feels as though she is stuck between her dreams and nightmares, but what happens when she comes face to face with the fearsome troubles of her past? Or when she meets her biggest idols: One Direction? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!! Copyrighted: 2014
Also on Wattpad by Anime_J, slightly different, being edited.


3. Update/Apology

Jordyn's POV

I can't believe it....One Direction standing in my room!!!!! And my uncle Nick too!!!! I haven't seen him in forever!

"Uncle Nick?" I questioned. "Yes Jordine," he said, referring to the terrible nickname my uncles Sammy and Simon gave to me.

"Where am I?" I asked,rubbing my forehead. "You,my dear are with your Sammy and Simon in Switzerland." He said and I instantly smiled.

"And with One Direction!!!!" I said,letting a little bit of the insane fangirling on the inside out.

"Yes," he chuckled amusingly. "B-but why are they here..?" I asked thoughtfully. "We'll,two reasons,really."

"Shoot" "well 1: your uncle simon is their-" he gestured to the boys,"manager. And 2: he knows how much you love One Direction so he wanted to make up for not being there and leaving you with your mom." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Okay so where's my mom??" I asked fearfully.

"In jail, the trial is in 2 months but I needed to get you away from that place, your mom has a chance of getting out and you're the leading witness so I need to make sure you're safe and away from her and her friends.

"Okay" I said yawning. "Still tired? We'll do introductions later, just get some sleep." All I could do was nod as I curled up again and they all filed out the door.



Okay I'm so sorry I haven't been updating but I have school and homework and everything and I haven't found the time and in don't even know if anyone even cares about this movella but I might get rid of it.

See you next time (hopefully soon!!)

Byes 😄😄😄😄😄

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