Jordyn (or J) feels as though she is stuck between her dreams and nightmares, but what happens when she comes face to face with the fearsome troubles of her past? Or when she meets her biggest idols: One Direction? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!! Copyrighted: 2014
Also on Wattpad by Anime_J, slightly different, being edited.


16. Interview!!

Jordyn's POV

9:30 A.M.

At 9:45, everyone was awake and getting ready, at 10:45, we were hurrying to finish, at 11:15, we were all in chaos, trying to finish and find last minute stuff.

I was ready, sitting on the couch wearing a 'directioner dress' with simple white heels, with curled hair pulled back into a half-ponytail.

"How do you manage to get ready on time!?!!" Ray exclaimed.

"I wake up like an hour earlier than everyone normally does and I make sure everything i need is noticeable in my room the night before." I simply replied.

"That is so smart! Why didn't I think of that!!!" Gabby half-yelled from the bathroom, trying to get her hair done.

Surprisingly though, we managed to be leaving the hotel by 11:28.

Skip the car ride like I always do XP~~~~

We arrived at the interview with about 20 minutes to spare. We headed backstage to be greeted by two girls.

One of them, who was greeted by Niall hugging her, had about shoulder-length golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes just like Niall (character by: Bleeding Out).

The other girl, who was greeted by Louis kissing her cheek, had long brown wavy hair and bright blue eyes as well (character by: I wish (Katie <31D)).

After Niall stopped hugging the girl to death, she turned to me and introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Amber," she smiled sweetly.

"I'm Katie," the girl Lou was kissing added.

"I'm Jordyn, but I'd prefer you call me J" I said nervously.

"So, how did you guys get to know J?" Katie asked.

"Well, her uncle Simon, our manager, brought her here cause she was a big fan, and we just recently found out that J and I are not only siblings, but twins!" Lou said happily.

After 15 minutes of chatting, Katie, Amber and I actually did become good friends. Before we were called to go on set, we exchanged numbers.

At 11:55, we were called to go on set.

"And we're back with the one and only, biggest boy band in the world, and of course, their close friends: One Direction." Sarah introduced.

The girls and I were all seated on a separate couch from the guys, so we won't be too squished.

"Its great to have you all here!" She stated.

"Thanks, it's good to be here," Liam smiled.

"No problem, so Louis. There's a new rumor that Jordyn here, is your sister-twin sister!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Well, first off, please call me J. And second,we took a DNA test a couple days ago and it was positive. So those of you fans who say that I'm lying, I'm sorry you feel paranoid enough to make up stories about me using him." I addressed the crowd.

To that, everyone just laughed. Simple, yet effective.

The rest of the interview was mainly about my background, though the end was more of the boys and their girlfriends.

"Well, there you have it folks! Tune in next week, where we interview the new band: 5 Seconds Of Summer!" Sarah concluded.


Hey guys! Sorry the ending was crappy and it was kinda short. But I'm having a kind of busy summer so far. I wish i could update more! See you guys later!

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