Jordyn (or J) feels as though she is stuck between her dreams and nightmares, but what happens when she comes face to face with the fearsome troubles of her past? Or when she meets her biggest idols: One Direction? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!! Copyrighted: 2014
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8. Fun Times!

Jordyn's POV

We finally arrived at the mall WOOHOO!!!!! We all then had to go to the food court and wait for Zayn, Liam's and Harry's girlfriends to arrive.

I spotted a girl with greenish blue eyes and dirty blonde hair walking towards us wearing a pink tank top and skinny jeans.

"Hi babe" Liam smiled and hugged her "hey," she replied," I'm Gabby" she said kindly, holding her hand out.

"Jordyn, but J if you'd like to" I smiled and shook her hand.

"Ray and Jade aren't here yet? I'm usually the late one" she laughed.

"Nope that's a first!" Liam teased.

"Speak of the devils and here they come!" She exclaimed.

Two girls walked towards us, one with shoulder-length red hair and blue eyes, and she was quite taller than me,about 5 inches, but I was quite short for my age, and the other with shoulder-length brown hair and green eyes like Harry.

"Sorry we're late!" The girl with the green eyes apologized. "No need Jade, we got here not too long ago ourselves." Harry smiled. "Yeah we'll I'm Jade, it's nice to meet you!" She said sweetly. "And I'm Ray," the red-haired girl said,both holding their hands out. "I'm Jordyn, but you can call me J if you'd like" I said shaking their hands.

"Okay we're done let's go shopping!!!!" Gabby said cheerfully. Ray,Jade,Gabby and I smiled and linked arms walking to Hollister.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~skip cause I'm lazy lol!~~~~~~~~~~~~

I sighed as I threw all my bags onto my bed, from Hollister I got: a cute white dress that falls to my knees with pink flowers, 3 pairs of skinny jeans, one pink, white, blue and orange tank top, and a flowery pink bikini. From Abercrombie: a black dress that fell just above my knees, an orange dress that fell to my knees, and a really pretty high-low sky blue dress. *a high low dress is those dresses that are shorter in the front and get longer in the back*

I stored all of my new clothes into my closet and drawers and texted my boyfriend, Cole.

(J-Jordyn) (C-Cole)

J-hey! I miss you! <3

C- I miss you too! guess where I am!

J- Switzerland?



C- really!? Hey we should meet up Friday, it will be our 2-month anniversary! <3

J- sure! Pick me up at 24117 Luzern! (I made the # up but I'm sure Luzern is real in Switzerland)

C- ok, wear something comfy but nice too! I'll pick you up at 6:00. love you!

J- love you too! Bye!

I heard a knock at the door. "Come in" I said.

I didn't get a chance to see who it was, I think it was Harry, but they took my phone! "HEY!!!" I screamed, chasing after the mass of brown hair.

I ran faster and jumped onto his back,"GIVE IT TO ME!!!" I screamed loudly.

I heard a very faint "that's what she said" from Louis *it was Louis not Harry who took her phone* "but not to you!" I said, and heard the boys say "BURN!!!" And I rolled my eyes.

"GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE!!!!" I screamed. "Um, who's this 'Cole' person you've been texting and why are there hearts all over your messages?" Louis asked. I immediately flushed with embarrassment.

"He's my boyfriend" I said. "Ooooooooo!!!!~" the girls squealed, however the guys rolled their eyes. "How long have you guys been dating? What does he look like? How far have you gone? Where did he ask you? Where did you meet? When will we meet him!?" They immediately fired questions at me.

"Calm down!! We'll be dating for 2 months this Friday, he has dreamy brown eyes and dirty blonde hair, he's tall and smart and athletic, we haven't gone THAT far if that's what you mean, but I have met his family, he asked me at the park, we met in school and I guess you can meet him Friday." I answered.

"OMG WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR!???" The girls squealed. "Uh, he said to wear something comfy but nice, I'll show you what I have in mind." I smiled.

The girls raced after me as I pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and a pink tank top, and threw on a white sleeveless shirt, all from Hollister.

"Perfect! And you can wear a light pink eyeshadow!" Rae said. "With rosy pink lipstick of course!" Jade added. "And let's not forget the eyeliner and mascara!" Gabby finished.

"Guys, Friday isn't until...." I trailed off, trying to remember the day. "It's tomorrow!!!" They screamed at me and my eyes widened. "OMG YOU'RE RIGHT!! Will you guys help me with my hair tomorrow!?" I pleaded.

"You bet!" They all said in unison. "Thank you girls so much!" I sighed in relief. "So, wanna watch a movie?!" Gabby suggested.

"Sure!" In the end, we decided to watch Frozen (REALLY good movie btw) in my room so they could crash after. Which, of course, we did.


Hey guys! Sorry for the crappy chapter but I had a really long day, I had a major algebra test and I'll need to finish tomorrow. >_<

Anywho, what do you want me to call you guys?! Leave suggestions down below! See ya next time!

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