Jordyn (or J) feels as though she is stuck between her dreams and nightmares, but what happens when she comes face to face with the fearsome troubles of her past? Or when she meets her biggest idols: One Direction? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!! Copyrighted: 2014
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15. Beach Time!

Jordyn's POV

As soon as we entered the hotel, we were greeted by Niall. Only Niall. "Hey!!" He shouted as he hugged us, yes, his famous Horan Hug.

"Hey Niall!" I smiled, "where's everyone else?"

"Oh they went to the beach about 10 minutes ago, I wanted to stay and wait for you guys to join us." He smiled.

"Well we have good news to tell you when we're all together so let's go!" Louis chirped.

Niall gasped "is it about food!?!!" He joked.

"Nope it's even better!"

"Nothing. I repeat, NOTHING. Is better than food, my friend." I interrupted.

And with that, I walked to my room to get ready.

Within 15 minutes Lou, Niall and I were greeted by the rest of the group on the beach.

After we got settled, Lou and I gathered everyone up for the news.

"Okay so J's lawyer called, and they looked into her mothers records." Lou started.

"And the hospital doesn't have a record of her giving birth to me, only to my brother." I continued.

"So apparently our moms used to be close friends."

"And Lou and I have the same birthday, in the same year, and Johanna has a record of giving birth to another child on that exact same day."

"So, basically, her lawyer thinks that, we're twins." Lou finished.

It was silent for the next few moments. Should've cherished the quiet while it lasted because then all you could hear were screams of joy.

"That's amazing!!!!" The girls screamed.

After the loud screams passed, we spent the rest of the day at the beach, splashing and swimming in the water. And I even made sand castles with Zayn at one point cause I felt bad he was kinda by himself since he couldn't swim.

On the car ride home, Zayn announced that there was an interview for the boys the next day, and management would like me to go and introduce myself.

After a brief pause, Lou, being seated next to me, asked, "do you want to do it? It's okay if you don't..."

"I'll do it, but only tomorrow because the trial is in two days." I replied.

"Okay we'll be leaving at 11:30 sharp, so be ready." Zayn informed.

After that, we took a shower and went to sleep.


Sorry for the crappy ending!

And for the short chapter, but like I said I am in Florida and I'll probably be here for at least another week so I won't update much.

Hope you guys are having a fun summer too! See ya lovelies!

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