You Back


1. prologue

He was my best friend until his parent diverse and his mom took him far away. She made him forget about us and change his number. So i lost touch with him. I really miss him since the day he left I'm not the same. I never went out withy friend i spend all day in my room thinking about him. I had a big crush on him but i never told him because i did want thing between us to get worst.

My name is Lupe Reynolds, I'm 18 i from Canada. I live by myself . I moved out my parents house when i was 17. Im work in modeling with my friend, Jessica. She been with me since i was 10 and she the only person that nows about my feeling about Justin Bieber. Justin was my best friend. I love to play guitar and sing but i hided from every one cuz i think they going to judge me for it. The only person that nows is Jessica and Justin. I have a brother name Carter Reynolds. Carter and Justin where like brothers they so everything together.

Justin moved 10 years ago. I never knew about him since then. One day i saw him in tv singing,since then i saw that he got known and became famous and goes all around the world. He made his dream come true all he talk about was that he will became famous and then he will take me and carter with him, but he forgot about us.

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