You Back


3. chapter 2

Lupe pov.

Justin is back and i can tell that he dosent remember me. "Lupe were are you" Carter yelled. "Im still in the kitchen" i yelled back. He walk into the kitchen. "Your a fatty girl" he said laughing. "You now me , whats up." "You where right." I look at him confuse "Right about what." "About justin he forgot about you"he said. I didn't now what to said " I told you he got famous and everything." " he ask me who where you and i said that you where Lupe my little sis and he look at me funny and he said that my little sis was pita and his mom told him that you moved." I look at him weird. "Do you think his mom is the reason of all this"." "Idk sis we have to find out for right now i have to go with Cathy she text me saying that her parent need to talk to me." "Good luck with that and what ema going to do with him." "Idk play video games or something i have to go" he said running out the door. Now I'm in my house with someone that dosent remember me

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