You Back


2. chapter 1

It was a normal day for me. In my room thinking about Justin,but this time was different i was crying i never cry. That when i heard my front door close. "Lupe,were are you." It was Carter. I wrap the tires away and answer him. "I'm in my room." I hear running. That when Carter blast throw my door. "Wass up brother." "Guess who is coming to visit us tomorrow." O yeah i forgot Carter is the only one that haves touch with Justin. "Idk who." He jump into my bed and lye in my bed next to me. "Justin, smart one." "Ow." "What wrong you not happy." "Im but i think he doesn't remember me it been long time and you the only one that haves touch with him."

I got up from my bed and took a shower. I was thinking about justin all day. I got ready for work,Carter was still here he was going with me to my work cause he was going to see me. "O Lupe don't forget to ask permission if you could miss work tomorrow." "Yeah ok." We got in the car and Carter drove us to the studio.

"Carter, i have a question."

"What is it baby sis."

"Why is justin coming back after all this years."

"Idk sis you could ask him tomorrow."

We got to the studio. I got out of the car and run inside cuz i was late.

"Oo Lupe i thought you where not make it" jessica said. "Sorry it cuz my stupid brother took for ever." "It ok either way you still have time to get ready the people are not here yet and the manager is not here either so go get ready fast." I run to my room and my hair and makeup styles were there. They did their work and finish in 30 min just in time to start. I was all ready. I walk out to the set and saw my brother on the phone so i walk to him. "Who is it" i mumble. "It justin"he mumble back. I roll my eyes and walk away. 2 min later Carter walk in my dresser room. "Why did you roll you eyes when i told you that it was justin"he ask. "Cause if he doesn't care of us why would i care for him" i said mad. "Ok i have to go now bye" i said standing up walking to the door. "O and just to let you now justin call me just to let me now that he landed today so i have to pick him up from the airport in 5 min and he staying in your house." "But why my house." "Cuz that the only part that the fans wont find him" he said walking out the room. I stay there for few second thinking. This going to be a long week.

I was done with my show and photo-shorting for today and tomorrow i'm not working cause Carter told me not to but we will see how it goes tomorrow. Right now i'm waiting on Carter cause he was my driver for today,fuck where is he. That when i saw his car turning in the stop sine. He got here and i jump in the car i did mind look to the back. "Sorry sis it was cuz we went to eat and we lost time" he told me. "It ok now can we go cuz i'm hungry like you already ate and i haven't so let go now or do you want your little sister to die right here"i said joking around. "No let go now then" he said driving fast. Haha it fun when i mess with him. It took us 30 min to get to my house. When we got there i jump out the car and run to my house. "Haha you staying outside"i yelled. "No Lupe" Carter said. Justin was just looking at me weird but i don't care. I run inside and lock the door and run to the kitchen and made myself some sandwich. "Lupe did you forgot that i have the extra key for your house you smarty pants" Carter said walking into the kitchen. "Fuck you Carter" i yelled at him. Justin walk into the kitchen and we made eye contact. "Carter where is my room" justin said. "Ammm Lupe wish room is empty." "The last one to the right" i said. Justin look at me then to Carter. Carter and Justin walk away. I stay in the kitchen eating.

Justin pov.

"Carter where is my room"i ask him. He look at me then to the girl in front of us." Lupe wish room is empty"he ask her. So her name is Lupe." The last one to the right"she answer back. We walk out the kitchen and up to the stairs. "So Carter who the beautiful girl that you call sister" i ask him. He look at me with a weird look. "You don't remember Lupe my little sister your bestfriend since you where 3." I look at him and try to remember. "No i don't remember Lupe didn't your sister Pita moved away." I ask him. "Justin that is Pita but since you moved and you the only person that only call her Pita she told everyone to not call he by that so we call her Lupe now"he said. I look away and we got to the room. "Here you go and welcome home justin, i will be down stirs with Lupe ok," he walk away. "Ow by the way you have to stay in this house all week cuz you cant go to my house cuz your fans so you staying in Lupe's house for the week ok." And he walk away. Tham Pita got pretty i had forgotten how she look it been years with out seen her or talk to her.


I use to have feeling for Pita since we where 6 but we could be together. My mom and dad divers and my mom and i moved to California so i lost touch with her. My mom told me to change my phone number and everything. I got famous with the time and i still had feeling for her. I ask my mom if she knew anything about her but she told me that she moved and got a boyfriend. So since that day i try to forget about her by dating selena for 1year and it work i forgot everything about Pita. Now i'm back to Canada with my best lads.

Flashback end

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