Just Another Fan?

Hi I'm Marina Carrow. Me And My BFF's Jennifer And Kristina Are in love with One direction. Jennifer And Kristina always hear Marina's offer to be a model but keep declining it because she is waiting for her other best friend. they buy tickets for her when One direction are coming for a meet and greet. Kristina and Jennifer want to show Marina he won't remember her. Will He remember her or will he just think she's just one of the fans?


9. Ch. 6

Marina's P.O.V.

We finally got home after the whole model talk. I promised them I would call the agency in 2 days and they agreed. I went to my room and toppled onto the bed. My eyes got heavy and I was drifting to sleep.

Liam's P.O.V.

I stormed off after I told Sophia every thing that needed to be said. I don't know where I was going but I just hopped Ito my car and drove away. I can't believe I just let Marina slip through my hands so easily. I felt like in drove for hours and stopped at the nearest Starbucks. I walked In with my hoodie and sunglasses, so know one could recognize me. I ordered my frappé and went to the back corner of the store.

Marina's P.O.V.

I woke up and realized I've been asleep for about and hour or so. I walked out my room and I'm greeted by my two lovely friends arguing about something I don't give a crap about but got dragged in anyways. "THANK THE LORD YOUR HERE MARNIA, Can you be a dear and get us coffee." Jennifer said sweetly batting her eyelashes. "Is that what you two were arguing about??" "Yeah..." "Fine give me the money." I said and put my hand out. Kristina gave me a twenty and told me what they wanted. "Two regular coffee's" "I nodded and left. Luckily Starbucks was only a block from our house. When I got in Michelle the cashier said "the usual Mara?" I nodded and payed her. "Here you go." She said smiling sweetly and handing me the two coffee's and my vanilla bean. As I turned around I bumped into someone and fell on the floor with the coffee spilt all over me. "I'm so sorry." A familiar voice said. "It's alright." "Marina?" I looked up and saw the one person I didn't want to see at the moment.

Hi sorry it short. I'm having a lot of issues right now and I just can concentrate right now. I have another movella and it's called lost if you want to read it and it's a jacksgap one. We'll Bye.


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