Just Another Fan?

Hi I'm Marina Carrow. Me And My BFF's Jennifer And Kristina Are in love with One direction. Jennifer And Kristina always hear Marina's offer to be a model but keep declining it because she is waiting for her other best friend. they buy tickets for her when One direction are coming for a meet and greet. Kristina and Jennifer want to show Marina he won't remember her. Will He remember her or will he just think she's just one of the fans?


8. Ch. 5

Kristina's P.O.V.

" it all started when you left Liam, Marina she was happy for you and life for her seemed pretty besides her parents are always traveling one day her parents needed to go on a business trip 3 days before Christmas to New York. When they took off 3 hours into the flight there was a bomb explosion. (Sorry saw the movie Non-Stop last night and I'm still obsessing over it.) Her parents Died and Marina was alone for Christmas. When she found out she couldn't stop crying and she got so depressed she wouldn't get out of bed to go to school. One day she went to school and all the other kids found out about her parents and thought she was lying to get attention. Bianca the schools most popular girl said she was just made that story up attention and if it was true she should go die with them. Marina was devastated. At school everyone loved her, then one day she gets all that hate. Marina couldn't take the hate anymore so she did the things everyone thought she would never do. (Sorry for self harm and suicide and bullying. I do not support it I was once in your shoes please stop. I love you. stay strong.) she made 3 big lines on her wrist. She said first one is for the students, the second one is for her parents and the third one was for herself. After that day she just kept making marks on her body day after day. She got called a whole new group of words this time. They said she was a freak, a attention whore, a loner, loser and much more. We wish we could help but our classes didn't dismiss when hers did and for lunch we had different schedule. Later that day Marina tried to k-kill her s-self. When we went to her house we saw her with sleeping pills and she was already starting to black out. We took her to the nearest hospital and luckily she was alive but if we brought her and minute later she would have been dead due to the amount of pills she took. We decided we would all find a house together for senior year and move in together so we can be together and we can watch Marina. We wanted to move out of Wolverhampton but Marina said she wanted to stay in Wolverhampton because she said she would stay and wait for Liam. We are in our 2nd year of collage and she still cries every once in a while. And she also got a lot of modeling offers for cover girl in America but she doesn't want to leave and miss you Liam. Liam I don't know if you know but Marina really needs your help. She cries all the time due to bullying and her parents and she prays every night that you would come back and that the bullying would stop. Liam she needs you to comfort her and be there for her like when you were bullied and she comforted you. But your to famous to realize that there are promises you made and broke. So Liam Payne as much as I love every single one of you guys, You should have been there for her, I know your famous and you may have lost her number but it wouldn't hurt to call your mum and ask how your friends are back home, I know you didn't loose your mums number so don't even make an excuse. Now when leave Marina will become a cover girl model and she will feel beautiful for once and be happy again." I said. All the boys seemed to be in shock.

Liam's P.O.V.

Wow. Marina, my Best friend needed me and I wasn't there for her. I feel so bad and feel like it's all my fault.

Niall's P.O.V.

The Marina girl seemed so strong from the looks of it. I mean she looked happy and all that but I never would have guessed she did that or been through that.

Louis's P.O.V.

No human being should go through any of that! People who bully should feel bad and disgust me. How can they put a human being, like themselves through that?!?

Harry's P.O.V.

She was such a pretty girl, I would have never guess she's been through all if that.

Zayn's P.O.V.

That poor innocent young girl should not go through that. No one should go through that actually.

Marina's P.O.V.

When we walk enough for them to notice us they all stared at me with sincere eyes and to tell you the truth I felt uncomfortable. I looked at Kristina and asked " did you tell them?" I asked. She simply nodded. I felt tears coming but I put on a brave face and started talking " I'm sorry we dumped that all on you. I'm sorry I even exists and was here to-" I was cut off by three big body guards and a women coming over to us. " excuse me you have to leave the stadium now." One guard said. We all looked at each other confused but nodded. I felt like a baby I was in between Jennifer and Kristina with 2 body guards next the them and 1 behind us. Once we reached the doors they left and we walked ourselves to the car.

Liam's P.O.V.

When I saw Sophia anger built Inside of me. She thought Marina was competition because of how beautiful she was. As soon as they left I started the yell at her " WHY DID YOU DO THAT DO?!? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH SHE HAS BEEN THROUGH AND RIGHT NOW SHE MAYBE FEELS LIKE TRASH AND LIKE A STUPID PERSON DUE TO ME BEING BACK OUT IF HER LIFE AGAIN!!" "Oh honey she is just trying to trick you into thinking you knew her. She's nothing but a slutty fan." She said. Anger boiled inside of me "YOUR THE SLUTTY GIRL AROUND HERE,NOT HER. I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME BUT I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN YOU WERE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY!!" I yelled in her face.

Harry's P.O.V.

We were all in shock. We never seen Liam yell like that. During there fight I saw a phone was on the floor. I went to pick it up and noticed it was a girl phone. I ran through the halls and caught up with the girls. Thank god they were just about to drive away " um excuse be but does this phone belong to anyone??" I asked. Jennifer looked up and got out the car. "It's mine. thank you" she said. "I hope you don't mind but I put my number in there I know Liam would want to catch up with her and no offense but I think I can see your the softer girl in this friendship and you would want them speaking again or am i wrong." I whispered in her ear. "I would want to see them dating actually." She whispered back. I nodded and said good bye as they drove away.

Marina's P.O.V.

"So Marina are you ready to become a model??" Kristina said through the mirror while driving back home. Oh god this will be a long drive home.

So did you like it?? Oh my pineapple god I woke up around 5:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep so I thought I would write my story and when I finished this chapter it's 6:51 am I'm so bored!!!! Hope you liked the long chapter. Sorry for changing the cover AGAIN. It's just a old habit I had be and I'm not changing it any more I PROMISE!! Also Sorry again for the bullying, self- harm and suicide attempts. You guys can make it through it if you are going through that. And that's coming from someone who HAS Been in your shoes. I love you and stay strong ❤️

Did you see non-stop? I did it's AMAZAYN!!


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