Just Another Fan?

Hi I'm Marina Carrow. Me And My BFF's Jennifer And Kristina Are in love with One direction. Jennifer And Kristina always hear Marina's offer to be a model but keep declining it because she is waiting for her other best friend. they buy tickets for her when One direction are coming for a meet and greet. Kristina and Jennifer want to show Marina he won't remember her. Will He remember her or will he just think she's just one of the fans?


7. Ch. 4

Liam's P.O.V.

Hurt her feelings again? What does Kristina mean. I never hurt Marina's feelings before. Have I?

Marina's P.O.V.

They were coming closer I can hear there foot steps. I saw Jennifer's head look under the couch and yell "I FOUND HER KRISTINA!!" They pulled me out like a rag doll. "Marina Carrow do you have any common sense to realize Liam is no good for you?!?" Kristina asked. "He is good for me he just doesn't remember so what he will soon!" I whined. They yanked my arm and I cried out in pain. When they turned around there face softened and asked " oh no, Marina do you still..." Jennifer's voice trailed off. I looked away and cried a little. "Still what?" Niall asked. We all snap our heads there direction and realized we were in front of people. Kristina looked at me like she was asking permission to tell them. I just shrugged. All my memories came flooding back and I started to sob. I ran out of the room and went to the bathroom. I locked the stall and pulled up my sleeves....

Kristina's P.O.V.

I looked at Jennifer and she nodded. I opens my mouth to speak but Marina just started to sob out of nowhere and ran out the room. "I'll go calm her down. I think some memories of him came back to her." Jennifer said and left. I turned to the boys and they just stood there with clueless faces " what just happened??" Zayn asked. "If I tell you, you promise not to bring it up because Marina is a sensitive girl and one word about her past triggers everything again, as you just saw." They all nodded. I took a deep breath and began...

Marina's P.O.V.

Jennifer came rushing to my side and just started comforting me.we didn't say anything. I just cried and cried until I couldn't cry any more. Jennifer noticed because she said "now let's get you cleaned up we don't want you looking like a raccoon when we go out there again" she said smiling and trying to lighten the mood. I put on a weak smile and nodded. When I looked at myself in the mirror it looked like I was ran over by a bus. My eyes were bloodshot, my mascara was running and I had a stuffy nose. When I was all cleaned up we went and noticed the boys were now sitting in shock. When we walk enough for them to notice us they all stared at me with sincere eyes and to tell you the truth I felt uncomfortable. I looked at Kristina and asked " did you tell them?" I asked. She simply nodded.

Liam's P.O.V.

Kristina opened her mouth " it all started when you left Liam..."

Is the suspense killing you yet?? Hope you liked it. I'll tell Marina's story next chapter. HI RACHEL!!!!!!! Thanks for reading guys bye.

Favorite chocolate? I love resses {dunno how to spell it}


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