Just Another Fan?

Hi I'm Marina Carrow. Me And My BFF's Jennifer And Kristina Are in love with One direction. Jennifer And Kristina always hear Marina's offer to be a model but keep declining it because she is waiting for her other best friend. they buy tickets for her when One direction are coming for a meet and greet. Kristina and Jennifer want to show Marina he won't remember her. Will He remember her or will he just think she's just one of the fans?


11. A/n (PLEASE READ!!)

Hi!!! We'll as you know this not a chapter. We'll I wanted to know if you guys like this story bc I dunno If I should delete it or keep going. Please comment, like, favourite and tell others about this story. please?

Anyways I maybe won't update this weekend bc my aunt just died ); she died when everyone least expected it. She died alone and from a heart attack. I've been crying all day today. I look like a raccoon to tell you the truth. Anyways you guys are not interested in my personal life but this next LONG paragraph is Very Important.

It was in my last chapter if you didn't read it in the A/n part of the chapter but if you don't do this great if you do please read.

Please read

If you cut or starve or try to kill yourself please don't. If you get called names it just because they are jealous of you. There jealous of how beautiful (girl) or handsome (boy) you are. Please stay strong. I know you can and if you do kill yourself you just let them win. If you starve then you do become skinny but will die because you didn't eat and then you will get even more bullied, if you get called fat, your not i promise you that. If you cut please don't your much better then that. I know how it feels to do all of that and yes it does make you happy but imagine how much people would worry about you if you starve or cut. And if you kill yourself then imagine how many people would be devastated and depressed because your gone. You may not realized it but you belong here and your perfect just the way you are please don't do this to yourself. I love you all. Please stay strong.

I love every single one if you guys and stay strong.


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